RA Awareness Week

Next week is RA Awareness Week in the UK and the busy bees at the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society have created a series of wellbeing sessions under the banner #ourmindsRApriority - I do like RApriority ... 🙂 You can sign up for free sessions here. I'm feeling pretty lucky at the moment - I'm OK … Continue reading RA Awareness Week

Flare finally over – woohoo!

Since I started the steroids a couple of weeks ago, I've been ticking of little milestones: today I can bend the leg a bit, today I managed to walk round the garden ... and bigger ones, today I stopped using my stick, today I made it onto my favorite local footpath ... but today's milestone … Continue reading Flare finally over – woohoo!

Survey about COVID-19 and Plaquenel

I've been contacted by a scientist at the University of Ferrara who is looking into whether Plaquenil, also known as Aralan, chloroquine or hydroxychlroquine, can help with COVID-19/coronovirus. Please re-post, write your own version or whatever, if you blog, to get as many people filling this is as we can! Please take the survey here, even … Continue reading Survey about COVID-19 and Plaquenel


While I'm not a hippy-dippy-penguin-chickie, I do firmly believe that a positive attitude is helpful and makes one feel better than not having a positive attitude! After all, it's only common sense that if you go around feeling negative and responding negatively to things that happen all the time, you're going to put yourself in … Continue reading Reframing