Today I’m glad to … have a pill tray!

April 7, 2008 at 6:47 pm | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | Leave a comment
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You’d think getting a pill tray (one of those things you put your pills in, with separate compartments for each day and morning, noon, evening and bed) would be quite easy, but it wasn’t.

First it took me a few weeks to overcome the psychological barrier – ohmegawd, what am I? Senile? A hundred years old? How hard can it be to remember to take three pills a day. Then three pills became four, and then four became six and I caved in.

So I went to the chemist and chose from a surprisingly wide selection of pill trays. At first I couldn’t find them, but then I thought ‘look for the old lady section’ (apologies for any elderly ladies I have just insulted) and sure enough there they were, along with incontinence products etc., which did nothing to improve my frame of mind about needing one. I chose one with slide-off covers for each day, as I figured that when my fingers weren’t working too well it would be easy to use.

I was wrong.

I got it home and went to put my plethora of pills in it – but Monday and Friday wouldn’t open! I could see it wasn’t terribly well made and the plastic sliders didn’t have very straight edges. I asked hubby to see if he could work it – he got Friday open with a struggle but couldn’t shift Monday. I took it back to the chemist and explained the problem. She tried it – I wish I could show you the faces she pulled as she forced the dratted things open, and then turned to me with a bright smile and said, ‘There you go – they do all work’.

‘Let me see if I can work it,’ I said, and sure enough I still couldn’t shift them. I explained that I had rheumatoid arthritis and if I couldn’t open it then it really wasn’t a lot of use to me. She looked dubious. After all, I don’t ‘look disabled’, whatever disabled is supposed to look like and I’m pretty sure she didn’t believe me. ‘Oh … well I’ll have to check out the back …’

Fortunately she came back shortly afterward with a different design, which had pop-up lids rather than sliding ones, and I can work that fine, although even that’s stiff some of the time (or at least I find it so!)

One would imagine that these things were made with the people who were going to use them in mind … but I have my doubts!

Still, I’m glad I’ve finally succumbed and got myself a pill tray – I’m fairly sure I was forgetting to take tablets sometimes and then taking two doses at other times, and I didn’t want to risk that with six to remember!


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