I’m glad nurses are more organised than consultants!

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OK, that may not be a general rule but it seems to apply to mine! I had my first appointment with the ‘rhuemy nurse’ today – a.k.a. Rheumatology Nurse Practitioner – a very nice lady who kindly sorted out my next consultant’s appointment (he’d forgotten), gave me a letter for my GP asking them to continue prescribing the drug I’m on (hyrdroxychloroquine) because he’d forgotten, and gave me the hospital’s own rheumatology support line number because … he’d forgotten.

Well, I suppose the important thing is that he’s good at knowing whether people have rheumatoid arthritis or not, and what to do about it – admin is for us lesser mortals.

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Who’d have thought it? RA can save you money!

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Had a great, but exhausting weekend, staying with a friend and doing our biannual Lakeside shopping trip. For those not in the know, or with zero interest in shopping, Lakeside is a large shopping centre in Essex, on the outskirts of London, and my friend Debbie and I save up our pennies and make a shopping pilgrimage about twice a year. Last time I spent far too much. This time I spent far too much time in coffee shops and sitting on benches instead! Thanks to the RA I just didn’t have the energy to be trying things on all day! So I spent £17.50 in total on boring stuff from M&S that didn’t need to be tried on (need I say more?) and that was it! Well, apart from umpteen lattes!

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