Self-fulfilling prophecy?

April 24, 2008 at 8:17 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

For the last two days I’ve woken up barely able to move my left knee and feeling pretty horrid. Two days ago I woke up saying ‘I feel carp and today’s going to be a rubbish day’. Carp is, of course, a euphemistic anagram. Sure enough I felt fairly carp all day and the day was rubbish. Yesterday I woke up saying ‘I feel carp again and today’s going to be rubbish’. Try some affirmations, said hubby sleepily. ‘I’m a wonderful, fantastic super-penguin and I feel carp and today’s going to be rubbish’ I said; and guess what? I was right.

So the question is, was I dooming myself to a foul mood and everything going wrong all day by starting off like that? Well … maybe. One of the reasons Tuesday was so bad is that I’d made a stupid mistake in the morning and then spent half the day ‘fire fighting’ to correct it. Maybe if I’d started off more positive I wouldn’t have made the stupid mistake. I shall never know.

I have yet to test the idea that it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy as this morning I woke up feeling pretty good. ‘Today’s going to be better’ I thought, and it was. But then since I was actually able to run up stairs and go for a walk at lunch time it was bound to be better!

I suppose I need to wait for another day when I wake up feeling lousy and then try, ‘I feel carp, but I think today will turn out pretty good’ and see what happens! I’m no fan of being stupidly positive when ‘realism’ is more appropriate, but useful positivity in moderation might be worth a try!


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