Insomnia – what I do to combat it (although it doesn’t necessarily work!)

I just read a really funny post by Michelle at Life in the Autoimmune Lane, about the housework-inducing effects of insomnia. I started to add a comment and realised it was too long for a comment so I’m posting instead.

No way!!!

Hey, I got RA and I get insomnia but it never, never, NEVER induces me to do housework – what a totally alien concept. Mind you, my choices of things to do ain’t so healthy either:

1) go downstairs (quietly so as not to wake up hubby) and have a cup of coffee (yeah, I know, I know … )

2) Lie in bed and worry about how much work I’ve got to do (when I’m busy) or how quiet work is (when I’m not)

3) Snuggle up in bed with Dr. Stuart Lee from Oxford University a.k.a. (before hubby gets jealous) listen to podcasts on my ipod – which I’ve already posted about.

4) Listen to music on the iPod but NOT sing out loud to it, which is a real challenge. (Although I don’t know why I don’t just sing out loud as it would take an earthquake to wake hubby … in fact he slept through the only one we’ve had).

Actually that’s not entirely fair. He’s got very sensitive to me having a bad night recently. If he hears me pottering about he rouses himself enough to go, ‘Y’a’right Penguin?’ in a bleary voice. By the time I’ve said, ‘No,’ he’s asleep again though. Means well though.

5) Move enormous cat off whichever bit is aching, because that’s probably why it’s aching, and try to get back to sleep.

6) Try to work out what I need to do for the bit of embroidery I’m currently working on. This actually works IF I’m not too full of coffee, too covered in cat, too hyped up by music or too wound up about work. Many people would say that that’s because embroidery is a naturally sleep-inducing subject, although I’d have to disagree there!

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