A picture of Enormous Cat and Tiny Cat

March 9, 2009 at 10:15 pm | Posted in Me | 4 Comments
Enormous cat

Enormous cat

Well here he is. And btw, we don’t overfeed him, he overfeeds himself … and the neighbours don’t help. He just looks at them with big wide eyes and they’re totally convinced he’s starving.

Tiny Cat

Tiny Cat

This is Tiny Cat. You can see she’s smaller, although you’d need to see them side by side to get a feel for their size difference. Tiny cat says, ‘Fat chance!’ She prefers to remain aloof.

Middle-size cat is adorable but really not photogenic!



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  1. oh they are so cute! haha i love cats. the gray one definitely looks a little bigger, but believe me, ours is headed there soon with the way my mom feeds him!

  2. I love cats too – I always wanted a dog but somehow I’ve always ended up with cats, and I wouldn’t be without them. ;o) Even if one of them does eat us out of house and home, and then go round to the neighbours’ for a snack. Maybe your parents’ cat will run about a bit and burn off some of the calories – Enormous Cat reckons that’s a bit too much like hard work!

  3. Mine’s little belly jiggles back and forth when she runs. it’s hilarous! They’re so cute!

  4. Our’s enormous belly also jiggles back and forth when he runs … perhaps that’s why he doesn’t run very often!!!

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