Still a-ducking and a-diving to avoid that flare!

March 23, 2009 at 2:19 pm | Posted in Me, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | Leave a comment

Saturday morning I went shopping. It was fun, kind of … but I had to buy boots. I mean I really HAD to buy boots, as the ones I wear nearly every day to work have just about fallen apart. I went to my usual trusty cheap shoe shop … hopeless. I tried M&S, even more hopeless – after all what sane person is looking for boots in spring? I tried Clarkes. Phew, pricey!! Then I remembered the trusty cheap shoe-shop had another branch, and finally I tracked down what I was looking for. I was with mum (who drove, which was jolly nice of her … so my mother’s day treat to her was letting her drive me in to town, buy me coffee and watch me try shoes on … don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to be), and she wanted to look at clothes so we did that and both found something nice, and were both completely shattered! I spent the rest of the weekend recovering.

Saturday was beautiful and hubby and I spent the afternoon in the garden just enjoying the birdsong and the sunshine – lovely. But I was still exhausted on Sunday, and had a bit of a rubbish day really, mostly, with PMT thrown in for good measure.

Today (Monday) I feel really rotten and I’m wondering whether I should have ANOTHER afternoon off … unheard of luxury for me to have two in the space of two weeks. Well, it worked before … I’m still not really flaring, although I feel pretty shity, so I think it did avert a flare before.  So the answer is that all logic points to the fact that I should go home. But I feel bad about telling the girl that works for me that I’m off AGAIN – how dumb is that? She won’t mind, she’s very understanding, we’re not that busy … but it still makes me feel so guilty. I’m supposed to the boss!

Maybe it’s just the possibly iminant period that’s making me feel this rotten.  I say possibly imminent because mine are COMPLETLY unpredictable and I may or may not be going through early pre-monopausal stuff. (Sorry if that was too much information!)


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