Tiny Cat … part 2 (A small catty interlued in the RA whinge)

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We seem to have another tiny cat coming to fill Tiny Cat’s vacancy. Not that anyone could fill her paw prints of course, but … It was quite bizarre, about a week after Tiny Cat died we had a garden full of cats, and Middle-Sized and Enormous were surprisingly tolerant of all of them. Then it whittled down to two or three hanging around the following day and we joked that they’d been shortlisted by M-S and E to fill Tiny’s vacancy. Or at least we thought we joked … we now have a very tiny indeed cat who seems to be either a feral kitten or a young stray, who we’re feeding regularly. We haven’t got her (we assume it’s a her but may be wrong) to let us touch her yet, and she doesn’t come in the house (or not if she thinks we’re looking) but I think she’ll eventually come round to the idea of being part of the family. Unfortunately though, although Enormous is totally laid back, Middle-Sized Cat has taken agin her, and regularly chases her off or backs her into corners and beats her up! We’re hoping they’ll sort it out between them eventually!!


Holiday to Gloucester

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Got back from our short holiday this week – five days in Gloucester, very nice apart from the hotel. There is NO excuse in this age of cafetieres and even good instant coffees to massacre a coffee the way they did at breakfast! And as for the ‘friendly welcoming staff’ … well ‘not’ springs to mind. So if you ever find yourself in Gloucester, UK, don’t go to the Edward Hotel.

Anyway, whinge over, apart from that we had a lovely time – no television (I mean there was one, we just didn’t watch it), fun days out, lots of reading and relaxing, only one mildly panicked phone call from my colleague during the whole week, superb food … if you ever find yourself in Gloucester UK DO go to Bearlands restaurant and wine bar (excellent set menu for £15 a head … insanely cheap for what you got. Of course they’re hoping you’ll have a bit to drink … at £4.50 a glass!) and Topoly’s Italian Restaurant.

So all in all a jolly good break … Gloucester itself was a tad run down, due to a combination of the recession and terrible floods two years ago – but the surrounding area is lovely and there’s loads of places to visit.

The RA behaved itself for the first few days and then gradually built up, and my feet have yet to recover from all the walking we did, but it was worth it! Mind you, it was about a quarter of the walking I would have done two years ago, but I try not to dwell on that.

As to coming back to work this week … well, I’d rather not think about that right now! ;o)

Ooooh no it hasn’t …. oooh yes it has …. oooooh no it hasn’t …

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Did I say the inflammation and pain had calmed down again?! HAH!! Well, it did I suppose … for a few days, then it was back, then it was gone again, then it was back … but I definitely don’t think the Arcoxia is as effective as the diclofenac was. Trouble is I REALLY don’t want to go back on the diclofenac as my stomach is actually normal now for the first time in about a year!

Off the Diclofenac

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Well, after a really horrible stomach upset which, without going into ‘too much information’ in case someone’s eating while they read this, made it pretty clear that the diclofenac was the cause, I came off it and went on to a low dose of another NSAID called Arcoxia. Now I didn’t think I was that fussed about swallowing down the pills, but I can’t even begin to tell you what a great difference it made psychologically to be taking one tablet a day for inflammation instead of three! Oh yeah, and the stomach settled down too, as if by magic.

Unfortunately I felt great for about a week and then the RA started to bite again. So I’m now on an increased dose of Arcoxia, but happily still only one tablet. The inflammation seems to have calmed down again.

This of course begs an interesting question – if I come off the diclofenac for a week and start to get all inflamed again (and I don’t think I’d call it a flare, it was just a steady increase in pain and swelling), then is the m-m-m-methotrexate actually doing any good? That’s one the GP couldn’t answer, so I shall look forward (as far as it is possible to do so) to my consultant appointment at the end of June. Whether I a) remember to ask and b) get any kind of sensible answer is anyone’s guess. Care to guess, anyone?

7 things I love

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Continuing Cathy’s blog chain (which I don’t think qualifies as a meme, by the way, but you don’t want the scientific explanation as to why, I’m sure!) Thanks for ‘inviting’ me  Robin! I will resist the temptation to say ‘hubby’ seven times!

1. Hubby
2. My mum and brother… even when I’m not invited to his 40th birthday party that he hasn’t told me he’s having.
3. My cats, past and present … and future, no doubt. There’s one trying to worm her (or possibly his) way into our affections, our house and Enormous and Middle-Sized Cat’s food. Obviously she(?) has heard there’s a vacancy for a tiny cat and she does fit the bill.
4. Sweet stuff, cakes, puddings, chocolates, you name it. Well … let’s be honest … FOOD!
5. Living in the country …after surviving my first eighteen years in London!
6. The smell of the earth after rain.
7. True friends. (Having been through an AJ experience recently of discovering who my friends really aren’t.)

I’m tagging (except I don’t know if there’s a way of letting them know this, so they probably won’t know!):

Arthritis Mom – Jennie


Anyone who’s blogging in the UK on RA that I don’t know about yet

Anyone over 40 who’s blogging about RA that I don’t know about yet – please make yourself known so I can stop feeling so OLD!

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