On second thoughts … bugger psychology, try a storm

June 16, 2009 at 7:24 am | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 4 Comments

I was wittering on fairly meaninglessly in my last post about whether I’d brought on a flare etc. Yesterday I had to pick up a coffee cup with both hands (which is NOT usual for me) – today I’m half way down a cup of coffee without having even thought about it … make that all the way down and wanting another one …

Anyway, couple of hours after my lost post a storm started. A big storm. A four hour storm with thunder, lighting, rain, sleet, hail, manhole covers flooding in the roads, roads flooding, our workshop out the back flooding, and very sadly, Tiny Cat 2 (now officially known as Nollie) losing her kittens to it.

I did start following the Accuweather Arthritis Index a while back and couldn’t see a link, but now, and incidentally feeling MUCH better than 24 hours ago, I am beginning to wonder! Perhaps I should start keeping a weather diary and see what comes of it.

Anyway – good news – no flare!!!! (So long as helping to clear out the flooded workshop and finding Nollie’s dead kitten doesn’t bring one on! (Hubby buried it in the garden this morning with Nollie and Middle-Sized Cat looking on. Middle-Sized cat then ceremoniously meowed a few words and … chased Nollie off.



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  1. Just found you having recently set up an arthritis blog and have been looking around. Glad to read no flare. Drop by if you have time. This is my life blog but the arthritis blog is on the sidebar.

  2. Right before a storm, my body can always feel it.

  3. We been having a lot of rain storms in these parts ( New England ) and always before the rain I feel really stiff and sore. After the storm starts I begin to feel better. The doc says it’s the change in barometric pressure that is effecting me. Glad to have found your blog. I plan on coming back to visit often. 🙂

  4. Thanks for ‘dropping by’. ;o) We had an almost storm yesterday (thunder rumbling for a few hours but then no rain, but the humidity dropped dramatically) and exactly the same thing happened. A few hours before I felt lousy and couldn’t pick up a cup in my right hand, felt worse through the thundery patch and then gradually better. Guess there’s something in this barometric pressure thing!

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