The storm … or rather the aftermath

June 17, 2009 at 9:14 pm | Posted in Me | 1 Comment
Our front path turns into a river!

Our front path turns into a river!

This is the path in front of our house … or it was a path a few hours before I took this photo, and it was a path again about an hour or so after – but for a short and unpleasant space of time it was more of a river! The white patches are hail stones, some of them were well over 1cm in diameter … and I had a fun drive through them. Fortunately the office is only two miles from home, but it was the scariest two miles of my life!

Workshop under water

Workshop under water

The workshop at the back of our house (right)  was under four inches of water and the ripples on the right of the picture are caused by water bubbling up out of the ground through a crack in the concrete floor. One day we’re going to have the whole thing ripped up and put in a nice new (higher up) kitchen extension. One day …

Amazingly, apart from a few oxalis plants that I’d been nurturing and had not been very obliging in coming up, and now look like they’ve had it for this year, the garden is relatively unscathed. This is partly because the ground was so dry that once it stopped raining it drained away in no time. So fast, in fact, that the gardener was able to come the next day and mow the lawn!


A bit of the garden - post storm, pre mow!


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  1. Oh gosh. We’ve had wild weather too- and I’m nowhere near you! Did the water drain out quickly?

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