Reframing a rubbish day in positive R.A. terms

October 5, 2009 at 9:32 pm | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 7 Comments
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I have had a bad day … but a good R.A. day!

Here’s how the day’s gone:

1. I had completely forgotten I had a blood test this morning, went sailing off to work, got there, realised that I should be going to the GP, turned around, and the red petrol light came on. Mad dash to fill up with petrol from my spare can before the appointment, because I KNEW that otherwise I’d forget.

Positive R.A. stuff:

  • All results from the previous test were fine – in spite of a recent increase in MTX.
  • The nurse only had to have one go at getting my blood instead of the usual Penguin is a pincushion routine.
  • I got the top of the petrol can and it didn’t hurt!

2. For some reason the red light wouldn’t go out, so I decided to go and buy some petrol. Just as I’d driven PAST work on my way to the petrol station, the petrol needle readjusted and the light went off!! Aargh. Decided to get some petrol anyway and fill up the can. Filled up the can, put some more in the car, went in and joined the queue. There was a man in front of me but I didn’t take much notice of him, as you don’t. When I got to the front the conversation went something like this:

Penguin: Pump 2 please

Assistant: Wha’?

Penguin: Number 2 … please.

Assistant: Huh?

Penguin: Pump … number … 2 … please?

Assistant: Ohmegawd, ohmegawd, ohshite, ohmegawd, stop Mr Pratt … Mr Pratt, Mr Pratt!* oh no he’s gone. Lydia, Lydia, shite, heeeeeelp.

As you may or may not have guessed, the aforementioned Mr Pratt had told her that he was on pump 2 and she hadn’t checked. It was obviously not deliberate as he had an account with them so it can be changed on that, but it caused havoc as far as me paying went, and added about ten minutes to my already delayed start at work.

Positive R.A. stuff:

  • I worked the petrol pump and it didn’t hurt at all! (This is not usual at all for me.)
  • Standing about patiently (and then mildly irritably, and then impatiently) while the assistant sorted herself out didn’t hurt either. My feet were fine.

3. I get to work, tell ‘the boss’ what kind of morning I’ve had and firmly announce that from now on the day is GOING TO GET BETTER! I am determined that this will be so. I am thinking positively. NOTHING ELSE is going to go wrong.

Then, at about 10:33 I realise I’m supposed to be in the cafe down the road meeting a friend for coffee …at 10:30. Aaaaaaaaaaaargh. I tell the lass that works for me (a.k.a. the boss) that if my friend phones, say I’m on my way (she’s a good lass, she could have worked this out for herself, but I’m panicking at this stage), throw my coat on and run (well, jog … well OK, walk fairly fast) down the road.

I’ve only gone a couple of hundred yards when a horrible realisation dawns. I phone the boss and ask her to check my calendar. Sure enough it’s NEXT Monday I’m meeting my friend for coffee. Another few minutes wasted out of a busy day!

Positive R.A. stuff:

  • Racing down the road and my knee didn’t even twinge!

4. Had to take middle-sized cat to the v-e-t this evening. Hubby rang at about 4:30 to say there’s no way he’d be home in time. ‘That’s fine,’ says I, ‘I thought you wouldn’t be.’ I wondered why he was sounding so bothered about it. Then I got home, put MS cat in the box, picked it up and thought, ‘AH! That’s why hubby’s worried.’ I’d forgotten that MSC weights a tonne (approx.)

Positive R.A. stuff:

  • OK … it hurt, I can’t deny it … but it didn’t hurt anything LIKE as much as it has done in the past!

So hurrah – what a great day – what a lot of signs that the MTX might be doing its job properly at last!

* Names have been changed to protect the idiot.



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  1. I laughed out loud reading about your petrol station experience.

    I used to have my GP (who is also my uncle, which is a bit odd) do all my bloodwork, and it was always a trial involving several pokes and lots of fishing around for a vein that apparently “rolled”. One day I had to have blood drawn in a hospital lab, and discovered that the technicians there can always get a vein – it’s what they do all day! Now I always go to a lab instead of the doctor’s office. Much better!

    I’m glad you had a good RA day even though the rest of the day was not so pleasant.

  2. Encouraging to hear that the mtx is working!

  3. ROFL!! Penguin in a flap sort of day then?!

  4. Yes indeed about the MTX thing and, unfortunately, yes indeed about the flap … although I was trying REALLY hard not to.

  5. Hurrah – I like making people laugh.

    My nurse at the surgery is supposed to be an R.A. specialist nurse (although she’s nurse level rather than ‘nurse practitioner’ level, which means she can’t prescribe or anything – all these new grades are very confusing.) Anyway, she should be fairly familiar with blood tests and actually she’s not usually THAT bad. Better than the one I had when she was sick, who commented afterwards, ‘Oh dear. Looks like the Texas Chainsaw massacre in here now!’)

    It can be awkward with family – hope your uncle didn’t mind you defecting to the lab! My entire family seems to be doctors – didn’t half give me a grilling about the R.A. diagnosis – was I sure the consultant was qualified, sane, etc. (They didn’t quite say that but it felt like that.) Then what tests had he done, why, what symptoms did I have … blah blah blah. Thank gawd for the positive R.F. test – that shut ’em up! ;o)

  6. This is just a GREAT post! Oh, I’ve been there, and oh, I empathize — both the good parts and the bad. This is a wonderful blog, Polly (can I call you Polly?). It’s full of good information about RA and humor, too. Hope you’re feeling well.

  7. Hi Wren, I like Polly. ;o) Folks generally go for Penguin, but I like Polly. Thanks for ‘dropping by,’ and I’m glad you like the blog. I hope you liked it more than I like pink grapefruit.

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