This story sums up the silly week I’ve had… and has nothing to do with R.A.

October 8, 2009 at 9:01 pm | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | Leave a comment
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I don’t know what’s been up this week, but I keep doing the most ridiculous things or having the most ridiculous things happen to me. Here’s one that’s just incredibly silly. I suppose what’s really silly is how long it took me to realise what had happened.

Yesterday I went to the market to buy some fruit. I bought five oranges and three apples (thinking I only had enough cash for that, having misread the apple sign as £1.80 for 3 instead of £1.80 for 3lb.) Tells you what kind of state I was in to imagine apples costing 60p each.

When I got home I put all the oranges in the fruit bowl. They actually filled two fruit bowls, which did strike me as marginally odd, but didn’t really impinge properly on my brain.

This morning I went to pack an apple for my lunch and … no apples! I thought I’d left them in the car. No. Thought I’d left them at work. No. Wondered if he’d given me two bags and I’d left one somewhere – no, nowhere to leave them – I’d gone straight to the car from the fruit stall. I concluded that he’d just forgotten to give me the apples, although I knew I’d paid for them.

And then I got home this evening (feeling fractionally less dozy than the rest of the week) and thought, ‘Funny – there’s eight oranges in these bowls – I only asked for five.’

Then I thought, ‘Some of these oranges look a bit odd … kind of yellowish and over large and slightly squidgy.’

Finally it dawned on me. I’d gone to the fruit stall and asked for ‘Five of the large oranges and three Pink Ladies.’ (A kind of apple, for those not in the know.) Mr Market Man was obviously having hearing problems, because what he gave me was five oranges and three pink grapefruits!


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