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November 11, 2009 at 2:35 pm | Posted in Me, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 15 Comments
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I was getting to the point yesterday afternoon where I was fairly convinced I was having at least a fizzle … some reasonably significant pain in the afternoon, tiredness too, and by the time I went to bed I couldn’t find a comfortable position because however I lay something hurt.

I’d had a busy, fun evening and a very unhealthy dinner! Yesterday was the night of our local sewing/quilting/crafting/whatever group and as a friend of mine who works locally but lives some way away also goes along, I asked if she wanted to come back to ours for a quick bite to eat before we went. I warned her it would only be pizza because we were in a hurry … so not a healthy start there … and she kindly contributed a chocolate putting with chocolate sauce AND cream for afters! Oh dear … but yum.

Anyway, here’s the thing … I feel much better today! So perhaps pizza and chocolate pudding is my ideal RA diet?

Erm no … before i got lots of angry comments, I’m not entirely serious! But it does show how careful you have to be not to attribute RA (or lack of it) to things without doing some serious research and testing!



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  1. Pizza and chocolate…. I’ll have to try that.

    Glad you’re feeling better. Sometimes flares just seem to come and go mysteriously and can’t be attributed to anything in particular. My wrist is fine now, too, after it was so inflamed on the weekend. Sometimes RA just can’t be explained.

  2. Good to hear that you’re feeling okay.

    I think research into which foods help/hurt/are irrelevant could be lots of fun 🙂

    (did your original changes include red & green, or is that new? It looks very Christmassy)

  3. It does, doesn’t it … but I have no idea why/how it’s happened!!

  4. Uh oh… I think I jinxed myself. The wrist is once again under attack!

  5. How about a chocolate pizza?

    Glad the “fizzle” fizzled, Polly. I think I’m in an ongoing fizzle these days — the aggravation is just constant. I wish I’d appreciated all those pain-free days more when I had them…

    Thanks for the great post, earlier, about your physio. My doc has referred me to physical therapy now — he was pleased to do so when I asked, which made me smile — so I’ll have some first-hand experience myself, soon.

    Take care!

  6. OH NO!! I’m really sorry to hear that. ;o( Hope it’s better again very soon.

  7. Mmm, chocolate pizza … now dthere’s an idea, Wren! Sorry about the permanent fizzle – that’s how I was feeling a couple of months ago … thinking it would never end; and then I’ve had a couple of months almost pain free … so you never know. Try that chocolate pizza and who knows … it might send you into remission. ;o)

  8. Okay, all this talk of chocolate reminded me of an easy treat I used to make: spread a tortilla with butter, sprinkle with a few chocolate chips, microwave briefly (15 seconds?), roll & eat.

  9. Oh well – I’ll go easy on it and see what happens. 🙂

    Chocolate pizza – that sounds amazing! I love chocolatey and salty things together. Delicious!

  10. I would be happy to go on a pizza-and-chocolate diet to test this theory for you! 😀

  11. Right, so that’s an order for chocolate pizza on Friday 27th then? With soya bean sprinkles on top? ;o)

  12. Temptress!

  13. LOL! Temptress indeed … would definitely have to be plain chocolate to go with roasted soya beans!! Not 100% sure about chocolate pizza, but do like the sound of Warm Socks’ chocolate tortilla …how about one of them on Friday night, Maggie? I bet the kids would approve … probably approve even more of a chocolate pizza! Go easy on the soya beans though, as I broke a tooth on one last night! Got it sorted at the lovely dentist’s this morning, came back, ate a couple of soya beans and go a bit stuck down the side of the very same tooth!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaargh. Off on a toothpick hunt now!

    Ah … that’s better. ‘The boss’ has rather taken to them too … although she’s far too young to need to worry about hot flushes yet!

  14. Oops – this one ended up in Spam and I just rescued it! You prefer a pizza-and-chocolate diet to a chocolate pizza diet, I take it? Me too!

  15. Found this and thought of you!

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