A little bit of trumpet blowing

November 16, 2009 at 6:42 pm | Posted in Me | 4 Comments
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Actually trumpet blowing was one thing I didn’t get round to over the weekend, but I did finish off these three craft projects, and I’m especially proud of this bag.

Miranda day bag s

It’s not my design, it’s from Joan Hawley’s Lazy Girl Designs (And no, she hasn’t sent me a free pattern, I don’t know her personally and I am in no way being paid to endorse her designs!) The thing is that I don’t DO quilting – in fact my friend Steph and I are kinda proud to stick out like sore thumbs at our sewing group as the ones who DON’T DO QUILTING. And yet I managed to follow the instructions in the midst of period and fizzle … so well done to Joan H for making them so nice and clear. (OK, so I did have to sew one bit on three times ’cause I kept messing up, but only one bit …)

I also completed the crocheted twirly scarf, which is a lot nicer ‘in the flesh’ so to speak than it is on the photo.

crochet twirly scarf s

And finally, I have at last completed this wall-hanging which is part of a City and Guilds embroidery course I’m doing. I’ve lost track of how long I’ve been working on this on and off. It’s  ‘all my own work’ in the sense that I designed it as an embroidery/applique from scratch, although it’s very closely based on part of an old Japanese print.

Japanese girl

If anyone’s very familiar with the print they’ll notice that my girl is a mirror image of the original. Oops! Wasn’t meant to be but by the time I realised, it was too late.

So now I have to start on the next bit of my City and Guilds module, and I’m not looking forward to it because it has to be an abstract based on my face! I don’t like abstract much and I don’t like my face much either! Oh well, it’ll be a challlenge!



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  1. Gorgeous!

    What lovely pieces, and what a beautiful bag, especially.

    I am not particularly good at things like this, but these are inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tus proyectos son muy lindos, me gustan mucho!

    (Oh wait…the Spanish was in the previous post, no?)

  3. Si, pero muchas gracias para sus palabras amables! I’ve got no idea if that last bit is right as I had to get Yahoo translate to do ” sus palabras amables” … I’m in the very early days of learning Spanish! ;o)

    Muchas gracias tambien, Helen!

  4. Beautiful work!

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