New Year’s Resolutions

January 4, 2010 at 9:52 pm | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 4 Comments
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My new word for 2010 – shatter-spatter. It’s defined as the area covered by a smashed Christmas bauble. There’s probably an entire physics PhD (or so) on shatter-spatter – why do some baubles spatter of a wider area than others even though they’re smaller, for instance?

We limited the number of baubles on the tree this year for fear that Tiny Cat 2 would get over-excited at her first Christmas and pull them all of the tree. She didn’t … neither did Enormous Cat. Middle-Size Cat was also very well behaved. Unfortunately in a bout of over-enthusiasm for one of my new year’s resolutions (to be tidier and more organized) I decided to take the Christmas tree down tonight, single-handed since hubby was working. This was, of course, when I started to study shatter-spatter.

So … will I have more luck with my other New Year’s Resolutions? Probably not, but here they are, so I have a permanent record next year of all the things I planned to do this year … and probably didn’t:

1. To be tidier and more organised.
2. To make more time for friends, especially keeping in touch, which I’ve been dreadful at this year.
3. To save some money.
4. To finish by City and Guilds in Embroidery (because if I don’t do it this year, it won’t happen!)
5. To work harder when there’s less work in and less hard when there’s too much work in.
6. To lose weight.
7. To exercise more (which will hopefully aid in 6!)
8. To be prepared for hospital appointments and say all the things I planned to say and ask about all the things I planned to ask about.
9. To update one of my business websites, which has been languishing for a couple of years now as I concentrated on the other one.
10. To get out an enjoy Norfolk more on nice days.

Here’s how things are going so far:

1. I partially tidied my home office tonight, and right at the end of last year ‘the boss’ and I had a huge office clear-out, so a good start. I can’t see it continuing though.
2. Hmm, well …we’ll see. So far I have done nothing in this direction this year except feel guilty.
3. Too early to tell, but I’ll have to make some first.
4. I did nearly an entire module over Christmas but I don’t know how things will go now I’m back at work. I really am determined to finish though.
5. I made some strides in this direction last year, so just need to continue really.
6 and 7. We’ll see … once the last box of biscuits is eaten!
8. This will hopefully be easier now I have a human RA nurse and feel slightly more kindly disposed toward my Rheumy too.
9. Doooooooomed!!
10. Didn’t do so badly last year, but want to do better this year. I’m hoping to combine Christmas money from last year and the year before with birthday pressies and get a DSLR camera this year, so I’ll have lots of incentive to get out and about so I can use it!



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  1. It’s always a good idea to at least have a plan. I envy your determination in making one, Polly, and your pragmatism in admitting that it’s just a plan, nothing written with chisels in stone. and that there are some items on the list that might get less attention than others. Bravo!

    As for shatter-splatter: Only had one of those this year. It was a smallish silver star. Cat got spooked by dog and went shooting beneath the tree, knocking the wee ornament off the branch by total accident. I only shrieked a little, but the spatter part of the shatter spread out amazingly and we were afraid to walk barefoot near the tree for the remainder of the holiday. I took the whole thing down two days ago, though I had no actual resolution. I just didn’t feel like trying to hang on to that Christmassy spirit until the end of March, like last year. I also didn’t want to have to dust all the baubles before packing them away.

    Aren’t I on top of things, though?

    Glad your Christmas was a good one, you got lots of embroidery done, and that you can work in a nice neat office, at home and abroad, for the next several days. I know. That’s all THAT will last. ;o)

  2. Sorry to hear about your former Christmas decorations.

    Your resolution list looks ambitious. Good luck!

  3. Re: number 6. I’m using a certain forthcoming event in August as an incentive, and a new frock for the occasion as a reward if I do!

  4. Well done Wren for being so on top of things! I thought I was, but it’s all gone a bit pear-shaped today!

    Warm Socks, hmm, yes, maybe a little ambitious, but all SHOULD be achievable, although I don’t frankly anticipate managing to achieve it all!

    Especially, Maggie, the weight loss, in spite of the event in August which ought to be a bloomin’ good incentive! Rumour has it that Mrs Mooseface has her new frock already!

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