Wax Bath Therapy, Compression Gloves and … stuff

January 12, 2010 at 8:03 pm | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 4 Comments

Well I had my OT appointment yesterday and my first wax bath therapy treatment for the RA in my hands. Mmmmmmmmm … ‘heaven, I’m in heaven’ … or at least I was for about twenty minutes yesterday!

The theory behind the wax bath therapy is, as I understand it, that the hands, having been nicely warmed for a few minutes, are more flexible and stretchy, but that wears off fairly fast; however, over time, given several treatments, one is able to do more stretching of the hands and so lasting benefit builds up. Something like that, anyway.

The OT also gave me some compression gloves to try out, and has promised that if they work she will get me some fingerless ones so that I can actually work in them. Well, they do seem to help, if one day’s on and off testing counts for anything. Ugly as sin though. I told ‘the boss’ that if anyone knocked on the office door she would have to answer because I’d be too embarrassed. Hmm. Who was it that was ranting away about how we need to be more open about having RA and educate other people? Oops.

Must see if Funk Arthur has any more attractive versions, or look up the ones R.A. Guy was recommending. (Only of course now I can’t find his post!)

But back to the wax therapy. The OT (who’s lovely – we put the world to rights while I was sat doing nothing) said that I wouldn’t get any lasting benefit from this first treatment. Boy was she right! I woke up last night in agony – the worst hand pain I’ve ever had! I’m hoping this has nothing to do with the wax bath therapy and everything to do with the fact that the hot flushes have just started up again and the fact that I probably have very little methotrexate inside me after taking it last night and then having a massive stomach explosion!

I suppose I should phone the rheumy helpline and ask if I should take some more or something? My strapline for the year (which didn’t make it into my New Year’s Resolution list but sums that list up) is ‘be bothered’, but I couldn’t be bothered this morning, the way I was feeling!


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