Good old NRAS – Employment courses for UK-based RA sufferers

February 19, 2010 at 2:35 pm | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 6 Comments
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NRAS (the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society) are running a series of 10 UK based events helping those with RA to keep working. The workshops will be held throughout 2010 in cities all across the UK. They’re open to anyone with RA and they’re free. Each workshop will allow you to get information about talking to their employer and colleagues about RA, including:

  • sharing practical tips based on real-life experience
  • talking to experts, from employment lawyers to occupational therapists
  • finding out more about what disability law means for you
  • finding out more about handling your RA treatment and work commitments

The workshops will be held in:

  • London 24th February; Bristol 10th March;
  • Cardiff 11th March;
  • Manchester 18th May;
  • Birmingham 19th May;
  • Nottingham 20th May;
  • Glasgow 22nd June;
  • Londonderry 23rd June;
  • Portsmouth 7th July;
  • Reading 28th September.

(I don’t know what time of day – ring them and find out!)

What a surprise, there’s nothing in East Anglia. There never is. Come on guys. We’re a big bulge on the side of little ol’ England with FOUR counties in it that you’re not represented in! And yet Reading, an easy, no-changes 20 minute train ride from London, has a course! OK, whine over, back to publicising NRAS, whom I have a VERY high regard for! Maybe I’ll go the Reading one as I have friends nearby. (Yes, Maggie, that’s a hint.)

Registration is happening now, so to register or to find out more, ring them on 0845 458 3969 or visit to register on line.



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  1. You’d be very welcome!

  2. It’s terrific that the NRAS offers such a valuable workshop to those with RA. Some of the people who attend them might find their lives changed for the better, you know? I ‘ve never heard of such a workshop here, even though the Arthritis Foundation is huge and active all over the country. Maybe they’ll take a hint from the NRAS. I can hope.

    I also hope you’re feeling good and staying nice and warm. It sure has been a frigid, icy winter over there …

  3. Ta – but don’t put it in the diary just yet. I probably won’t make it!!

  4. Couldn’t agree more! If it’s a good course, run well, then it could be fantastically useful! I just wish that 1. it covered self-employment (perhaps it does!) and 2. It covered the part of the country I live in. But good on them for giving this a try – I hope it works. I think it’s important to do one for just RA too because the problems are very different from those of OA sufferers. Hurrah for NRAS! Sorry you can’t get something similar at the moment over there – maybe you should suggest it to the Arthritis Foundation?

    Darned cold here too but managing to stay reasonably warm …although could be feeling better!

  5. Hello everyone
    I’ve never blogged in my life so here goes.
    these first 10 workshops if successful will be replicated next year in other parts of the country so watch this space!
    the workshops will run in the evenings so as to ensure people working can get to them without taking time off work.
    6.30pm – 9pm.
    First one tomorrow Regents College Conference centre. Call me on 0845 458 3969 for more information.

  6. Thanks for being brave and posting. ;o) I really hope the workshops are a great success – I think there’s huge potential there… and also of course I want to see one in East Anglia next year. ;o)

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