Amazing, the power of four whole days off!!

April 6, 2010 at 9:25 pm | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 2 Comments

I just took the whole of the Easter break off – Friday to Monday. I was seriously tempted to take Thursday too but it’s a good job I didn’t as I landed two lucrative jobs on that day (maybe because everyone else had taken Thursday off?) Anyway, Friday was OK, great to have a break, I was really tired after a madly hectic March, but Saturday was extraordinary. I woke up feeling really well – not just ‘I don’t hurt very much’ well, or ‘I don’t feel too bad today’ well but really well – so well, in fact, that I actually spring cleaned (sprung clean?) the kitchen!

Now you have to appreciate that not only am I not much of a spring cleaner, I’m not much of a cleaner full stop. It’s hubby’s job, the housework – he even says he enjoys it. Well, after Saturday I have to say I have a renewed appreciation of how hard he works on his days off, getting the basic housework done. Admittedly what I was doing was more than basic – it was all those once a year jobs (or in many people’s cases once every few months jobs (and in some cases no doubt daily jobs, but if so – get a life!)), and it was a hard slog, but actually I quite enjoyed it (as a very occasional thing). It’s not something I’d want to do regularly. Of course part of the enjoyment was that I could do it – my hands didn’t hurt, in fact none of me hurt, and I was buzzing with energy. By lunchtime I still didn’t hurt but the energy had gone and I collapsed in front of the telly for an hour like a limp dishrag – but a limp dishrag with an enormous sense of achievement and well-being – especially knowing I had TWO MORE WHOLE DAYS OFF TO COME!

I did get lots of embroidery done towards my City and Guilds, and generally just lots of relaxing, which I really needed!

Pity I went and spoiled it slightly on Sunday by eating too much Easter chocolate and getting a bit of an upset tummy over Monday! Oops. Still, it was fab to have all that time off and I do feel SO much better for it! We culminated the break with a lovely walk in the glorious spring sunshine yesterday evening. My favourite season has always been autumn, but this year spring is a very close runner up and might just overtake!


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