A week of frustrations – from major to minor

July 8, 2010 at 9:40 pm | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 5 Comments

It’s just been ONE OF THOSE WEEKS! What could go wrong pretty much has gone wrong – clients wanting the impossible yesterday* is just a minor detail compared with the major crisis ‘the boss’ is going through right now (which I’m not going to go into here, but it’s pretty bad); trouble is it’s a minor detail made worse by the fact that my faithful assistant (aka ‘the boss’) is currently only about half with me in mind and spirit and three-quarters in body … i.e. she’s out of the office quite a bit sorting out other problems. So I’m having to work extra hours to make up for that and to provide the clients with their required impossible yesterday. I am, after all, just your average miracle worker.

Anyway, on top of all that I’ve just completed the sample for a major assessment piece for my City and Guilds embroidery (which I’m working on to a deadline) … and I HATE IT, HATE IT, HATE IT, to the point where I’ve spent hours on the damn thing and now I’m thinking of having a total turnaround and doing something entirely different…. but worried I don’t have the time.

Now if you’re the creative type you’re probably thinking, ‘Aah well, you’ve obviously completed the sample in such a negative mood that your dislike just reflecting that; put it away and look at it tomorrow and you’ll love it.’ Well you might be right … but I really don’t think you are! I was actually quite relaxed this evening until I finished this dratted sample and got a proper look at it … (It’s complicated but you kind of have to remove a layer to see the final result, and I removed it and went eeeeeeeeeoooow!)

Still, there are some serious bright sides at the moment. I suppose I just need to really concentrate on those … somehow. The bosses crisis looks like it’s resolving itself, maybe even by tomorrow – everything crossed for that! And I got home yesterday to find a big bunch of flowers waiting for me (from hubby before anyone gets the wrong idea), and a Warehouse 13 DVD. (OK, the Warehouse 13 DVD wasn’t actually bought for me specifically … hubby bought it anyway, but I decided to appropriate it for a pressie to make me feel better. It was working too … until that dratted sample.)

But on the very, very bright side I’m not only NOT having a flare; I’m not even hurting; I actually feel pretty fine physically. That’s a pretty big bright side so I need to give myself a good kick up the backside and pull myself together, I reckon!

If only it was that easy…

* No, not you Mrs Mooseface, if you’re reading this. You at least want the possible yesterday! :o)



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  1. Oh dear, oh dear, hope the boss is OK.

    We all have days (or weeks) like this – I had one last Thursday, but it will pass. Mine did.

    Chin up Penguin!

  2. This too shall pass! :o)

    Glad yours has.

  3. Delighted that you’re feeling so well, PP. Not so delighted that work and craft have been so rough, though. As maggie said, and you agreed with, this too will pass. And thank goodness!

    By the way, I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing I could see some of the art you produce for the Guild. Perhaps you’ll post some photos one day? 😉

  4. Ugh. I hate weeks like that! I hope your boss’ stuff irons itself out and your craft-ing goes more smoothly from this point onward.
    And, as someone who believes one good turn deserves another: http://cupsquietlybeingfilled.wordpress.com/2010/07/13/you-like-me-you-really-like-me.

  5. Hi there, love your blog. I too suffer from RA and try to remain positive. It sure is a tough disease! I just started a blog too if you want to check it out- I’m trying to releive my pain through nutrition. http://www.jensrajourney.blogspot.com Goodluck to you!!

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