Oh well, at least now I have an excuse for a drink or two …

August 11, 2010 at 8:58 pm | Posted in Me, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 8 Comments
Bailey's Irish Cream


I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last posted – and what a month it’s been! All’s now well with ‘the boss’ thank goodness, and all’s well with the bump – two months to go before she pops, if all goes according to plan. However, work is still very stressful, and on top of that we have a big, fat leak in our central heating pipework, buried somewhere under a concrete floor, and it’s been nigh on impossible to get a plumber to even answer the phone, never mind come out and DO something. This means I’m not sleeping, because the boiler’s draining every few hours and then making ghastly sucking noises until you fill it up again. Hubby, of course, tends to snore through this so I end up fumbling around in the airing cupboard in the middle of the night, refilling the boiler – sometimes twice a night – and then lying awake worrying about it! (And I’m not going to embarrass him by discussing his attempts at plumbing … I think he’s learned his lesson now. The lesson is, ‘leave the plumbing to plumbers!’)

Anyway, on the bright sides (there are a few of them), I had a really nice weekend away for Mrs. Mooseface’s hen afternoon (it was a hen day and night but I whimped out and only did the afternoon!), I remain fairly healthy AND apparently if I want to keep healthy I need to consume more alcohol – COOL!

I posted a while back on a study that suggested that people who drank alcohol were less likely to contract RA than those who didn’t … or at least I thought I did, but now I can’t find the post. I remember thinking, ‘Marvelous – license to drink, but it’s a bit bloody late for me. I’ve got it already! Ain’t it typical that you try to be health-conscious and be terribly careful NOT to drink too much, and then find it might have been a good idea to have partied away the last twenty years… oh well.’ Well now, just in the nick of time, I’ve been given back that licence to drink! According to a study by Sheffield University, alcohol may not only reduce the risk of developing RA, but might also reduce the symptoms.

This surprisingly balanced article points out the thing that newspaper articles rarely bother with when they report on these studies  – that of course just because there is a statistical correlation between alcohol and RA (or lack of it), it may not be the alcohol consumption itself that reduces symptoms or stops RA developing; there could be a common factor in those inclined to drink more that also makes them less at risk of severe RA.

But you know what? After the month or so I’ve had, I’m going to ignore the sensible and balanced caution, and just go and pour myself a stiff brandy! (or perhaps a not so stiff Bailey’s)



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  1. So do I expect to see you tiddly at Mr & Mrs Mooseface’s wedding? Go easy on the Champers old girl! ;o)

  2. HIC!

  3. I’ll drink to that!

    Seriously, though, the information we get is so confusing sometimes. I wouldn’t mind the occasional tipple — I DO have a glass of wine with dinner now and again — but my doctor warned me off alcohol because of the RA meds I take. Something about liver destruction and how the meds plus the booze could cause liver meltdown. So while a nice shot of scotch might help me deal with the RA pain (yay!) it might cause more serious issues internally (boooo!) Sigh.

    I guess I’ll just stick to mostly teetotalling, PP. Cheers!

  4. I read about that study, too. I try not to drink much with methotrexate, but my rheumatologist has given me the all-clear for two or three a week. I did enjoy a nice gin and tonic at lunch today!

  5. Wren, I’m mostly teetotal too … and I think people’s understanding of RA (medics, not just us wot suffer!) is pretty confused still, which is why we get the contradictory and confusing info. In fact I’m so nearly teetotal that I never even got around to that Bailey’s I was looking forward to last night. Something distracted me and I forgot about it!

    Helen – good point about not drinking with MTX, but on the amount I think someone (nurse of doc) said just don’t drink on the night you take it. But in fact I hardly drink at all anyway … perhaps that’s why I’ve got RA!

  6. Never did drink much before RA either! Perhaps I was missing something….! I am so sensitive to booze now though, my RA doesnt even like a glass of wine. Still. At least Im a cheap night out!

  7. Has anyone had a really bad skin reaction to embril or humara. I ended up with celulitus from an injection of embril. Now Im trying humara and pray it works. Pain Pain Pain . I pray no reaction to new med.

  8. Yikes! But you probably won’t get many (any?) replies on here as a) I’m really bad at updating comments as you may have noticed and b) there probably aren’t enough people reading it!! If you’re UK-based, you probably want to be on the NRAS forum!

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