I’ve given in …

January 25, 2011 at 2:41 pm | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 2 Comments

So … I admit it … this shoulder is really starting to get me down, p me off, put my beak out of joint etc. I’ve finally stopped saying, ‘This too will pass,’ or ‘it’ll go away if I do my exercises’ or ‘I just need to adjust my neck pillow’ or whatever, and made an appointment with the doctor to see if she’ll refer me to physio.

My previous on-going physio sessions haven’t been going on since the summer, because they had a bit of an NHS shake-up at the hospital and decided that no one was allowed more than five appointments – everything can, apparently, be sorted out in five appointments, or so the top dogs say. So, given that I’d already had about fifty-five appointments, I turned up one day and was told, ‘Sorry, but this is your last one. Don’t worry though, you can have more if you get referred by your doctor.’ Fortunately it coincided with a pretty good patch and I haven’t needed to go back.

So … I’ve made an appointment with the doctor but I can’t see her until Feb 8th. Then there’s a five-week waiting list to see the physio (or at least that’s what they were planning when they told me I couldn’t have any more. It might be more than five weeks now. The point of  the five appointments only thing was to get the waiting list down to manageable proportions and make it a five-week waiting list. We shall see …

So …. by the time I DO see a physio (assuming the doc is willing to refer me, gets the letter dictated, gets the secretary to type it up, gets it posted), we’re looking at end of March. And that’s why I’ve been putting off going to see the doc in the first place, because I kept thinking it’s not that bad, and it’s bound to clear up soon etc. The silly thing is it’s not that bad … but it’s just niggling away all the time as these things do, and quietly affecting everything else in my life including what’s left of my sanity!

Still … thinking positively … if it has gone away by then, great – someone else will be in luck when they get a call saying there’s been a cancellation … and if it hasn’t then at least I’ll be seeing someone, and not deciding then to see the doc and having to wait until the end of May for an appointment!

Woohoo – the rain’s stopped and the sun’s coming out – and I feel magically cheered up all of a sudden!



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  1. Aw, Polly, I do hope that your shoulder improves soon, and that you don’t have to wait and wait for relief until you see the physio. In the meantime, have you looked online for possible exercises you could do on your own? I’ll admit I’m terrible about doing that for myself, but I’m great at suggesting it for other people (blush).

    Wishing you warmth and comfort, my friend. And lots of hugs.

  2. […] posted on 25 January to say that I’d finally given in and made a doctor’s appointment to get a physio […]

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