If exercise is the cure for all ills …

January 29, 2011 at 4:22 pm | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 4 Comments

… then I should be feeling pretty spry after today. If, on the other hand, pacing it is the answer to all life’s little problems, then I might be in trouble!

After pretty much an entire week of migraines and RA pains, to the extent that I had most of Thursday and Friday ‘off sick’, I woke up feeling relatively chipper this morning, so hubby and I (OK, mostly hubby) have put together two new bookcases for the living room. Sitting around watching hubby build bookcases (sorry, I mean helping) was relatively stress and exercise free, but then we decided we had to move some of the bookcases we already had, and also get rid of a load of old videos since our video recorder/player has finally given up the ghost and there’s not much point replacing it now. So … a trip into town lugging a load of videos (and I do mean a LOAD) of videos to one of the local charity shops, and then back to move more books and bookcases … only to discover that the new one we wanted to put by the window didn’t quite fit … more moving, more book shuffling … lots more dusting! More carting books and up and down stairs. We’ve tried about four different combinations of bookcases now … which is a lot of yanking bits of furniture about – not just the bookcases but everything else in the room, in order to be able to reach the bookcases.

We just decided to have a nice cup of tea (very English) and take a break from the chaos by coming upstairs to the computers. Both living room and dining room are currently uninhabitable and we have to go down soon and move one bookcases that we’ve already emptied, moved and refilled once!

Strangely I feel pretty OK .. but I wouldn’t like to make any predictions about tomorrow at the moment!



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  1. Well, you may be fairly creaky today, but I have a confession to make: I absolutely love books, bookcases and everything to do with them. Even constructing them, moving them, arranging them and )even loading and unloading. There’s nothing like having a good look at all the old books (and perhaps selecting a few for re-reading that were up on that top shelf I couldn’t reach very well, let alone see) and shelving the new ones. I have to admit I don’t much like dusting them, though.

    I think that makes me a hopeless bookworm.

    It sounds like you and hubby had a perfectly lovely time, tea included. What a nice way to spend a cold winter’s day, Polly. I hope this finds you not paying too high a price for the fun, and that the rest of the weekend will be delightful. Hugs for you.

  2. This is so funny. I recently (December?) rearranged bookcases. It’s tons of work. Might I suggest the use of a tape measure? I like to measure first to make sure things will fit where I want to put them. Sometimes I even break out the graph paper so I can see how everything will fit together before starting on the hard moving (I’m lazy that way 🙂 ) Good luck getting it all put back together!

  3. Well, we’re both a little stiff and achy this morning, but not bad, and although I can’t say I especially enjoyed moving bookcases, rearranging the books has been great fun … and is going to be more great fun today! Have already reorganised a lot and unearthed quite a bit that I’d forgotten about or just not read for ages …and … I’ve not confessed this to hubby yet, already been on to Amazon and bought three books to fill holes in a series of books I like … and also fill the brand new holes in the bookshelves of course!

  4. LOL! We did use a tape measure, honest, but there were one or two things we messed up one. One was that strictly speaking one of the new bookcases fitted where we put it … it just looked awful … so we moved it and put a smaller one there and that looked a lot better so we put books in it and then decided we really didn’t want a bookcase there at all!! Then there was the one that we found would be an exact fit between two other bookcases – measured at least twice to check, moved it round, pushed it in and then found that one of the old bookcases had a sort of ‘foot’ that sticks out at the bottom that we hadn’t taken into account …

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