Physio on the A-C joint AND the knee – hurrah!

March 21, 2011 at 8:53 pm | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 2 Comments
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Well, I’ve had my physio – both knee and shoulder. Woohoo!  The physio had no problem working on the knee once she had the doctor’s note!

As anticipated, the ultrasound made the knee a bit worse to start with but then much better! I had the ultrasound Friday morning and by Friday pm the knee was already greatly improved. Of course I SLIGHTLY over-did it on Saturday, but when the local needlework shop is tragically closing down but magically having a 40% off everything sale, what’s a girl to do? So then yes, I paid for it on Sunday. Today the knee is fine again though, having had a rest yesterday.

I also had ultrasound on both acromoclavicular joints (joint between collar bone and … well, not sure which bone really, but see below), even though when I saw the physio on Friday neither were that bad. They continued to be pretty OK really until this morning.

OUCH! Today they’ve been really, really painful, and definitely reduced mobility in the left one, although not dramatically. No good trying a wax bath there either, so I’m wired up to my TENS machine at the moment. Stupidly didn’t think to take it into work today. DOH! I must remember to take it in tomorrow … and ignore the strange looks!



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  1. Polly,, i am so glad your knee is better…but i have some questions…
    beint from the USA… may i ask what is a “physio” and as well what is the TENS machine…. 🙂

    Me i’m good accept quite stiff (where the legs hitch to the hips).. no where near as savy as you with these terms…. i need to get into a regular “tylenol” system… but i fight taking more pills… Doc did say..”take as much tlenol as you want”…. is ok… it’s the ibuprophen that’s “not so good”…i trying to keep up with the swimming and walk out the stiffness after… amazing how everything moves so well in the water, but not so much on “dry land”….

    Now about the needlework shop… i’m with you there… my house is full of yarn, fabric sewing machines and thread… what’s your favorite???
    Again… glad to hear your knee is “behaving”!! Barbara

  2. Hi Barbara,

    Physio is short for physiotherapy and it’s what you guys call physical therapy – and as well as giving useful exercises and such like, it also includes use of ultrasound, TENS and even acupuncture if you’re someone that finds it works, which I’m not.

    Sorry you’re so stiff – I had to look up what tylenol was – it’s paracetamol over here! Not sure that that would help with stiffness – or at least it wouldn’t help with MY stiffness, but it sure does help with the pain, and yes, it’s really relatively side-effect free, whereas ibruprophen has a lot of problems from a stomach point of view.

    As to TENS, it’s a bizarre thing where you attach two (or more) pads and it pumps little electric signals into you, which somehow or other confuse the nerves (this is NOT an explanation that a medic would approve of I’m sure, and there must be much better ones out there!) and block the pain. It’s not a cure or even something that kicks your body into starting a cure like ultrasound does, but it does massively help with the pain!

    Now onto the fun stuff … oh crumbs, I don’t think I can possibly pick a favourite needlework thing – I can tell you things I don’t like – most types of patchwork and cross-stitch, ’cause you just have to be too accurate and precise! 🙂 I love things that are a bit more ‘free’ including free machine embroidery, needle felting (and a bit of wet felting), appliqué, and right now a big thing is crochet! I learnt to crochet a couple of years ago but didn’t have time to do much with it. I’m now discovering there is NOTHING from a textile point of view that you can’t crochet! (Well, if there is something then I’ve yet to find it!) I’ve you’re on ‘Ravelry’ then I’m ‘FrozenP’ and you can see what I’ve been up to crochet-wise.

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