Arthritis Care Writing Competition

May 26, 2011 at 9:31 pm | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 1 Comment

Arthritis Care in the UK has just launched its fifth annual creative writing competition. You DO need to have arthritis to enter and I guess you might have to be based in the UK, although I can’t see anything to say so.

Stories or poems must not exceed 750 words (short then!) and you need to send them to before 29 July 2011. Full t’s and c’s are here. The theme is ‘If I were an Olympian’ and has to be around what being mobile means to you and your arthritis. Well I don’t think being mobile means much to my arthritis really … but I’m just being sematically picky there!

They’re obviously thinking along the lines of 2012, and suggest you might imagine yourself competing in the Olympics, amongst other things, but I have to admit my thoughts went straight to the original Olympians: would I be Zeus, so strong and powerful that my arthritis would mean nothing to me; Athena, so full of wisdom and reason that I could work my around any arthritic problems; perhaps Aphrodite, which would mean I had other things to think about … and something that the arthritis has almost put a stop to would no longer be a problem.

On balance, I’m very much afraid that, thanks in part to the arthritis and in part to a rather too strong fondness for food, I would in fact be Io (the one famous for being turned into a cow).


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  1. I’m riding my bicycle across the US to raise awareness. 🙂

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