I have an amazing ability to get the wrong gifts (totally NON-RA related post!)

July 29, 2011 at 10:08 am | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 8 Comments

When Junior Penguin 1, aka ‘The Boss’, started working for me she was only 20, so when her 21st birthday rolled around (some years ago now!) I felt I had to get her something … I had bought the obvious bottle of Champagne, and I think even some Champagne Truffles to go with it, before the ‘What are you doing for your 21st birthday?’ conversation came up, and she dropped in the killer line, ‘Oh no – I can’t stand champagne!’ (Pity I didn’t mention this to the guys who run the building, because they got her a magnum of Champagne!) So I got her a little silver penguin; I think she appreciated the sentiment but it wasn’t a very practical gift and she kept it in the office for ages because if she took it home she was afraid the dog would swallow it!

Then Junior Penguin 2 came to work for me last year, in October, because Junior Penguin 1 was all grown up and going on maternity leave! So, here she is, I hardly know her and it’s nearly Christmas. One thing I do know is that she adores biscuits, cakes, crisps and seemingly ‘all things bad for you’. So I thought a hamper full of sweet stuff would be good, and a suitably boss to junior penguin present to boot. I opted for things like candy canes, fudge, toffees, chocolate bars etc. What could be better for someone with a sweet tooth I thought.

Roll on seven months, here we are, sitting in the office chatting about our weekend plans, and I mention the candy shop on the sea front in a town we both like to go to. ‘Oh no’ she says, ‘I wouldn’t go in there!’ ‘OOOH, why not?’ says I, expecting a juicy bit of gossip about the shop owners or something. ‘I can’t stand sweets,’ says she. ‘Never could stand sweets.’ Gulp. ‘But surely you like chocolate?’ I hazard. ‘Everyone likes chocolate… except my mum.’ Turns out she loves chocolate … in cakes or pan au chocolate or something, but doesn’t like bars of chocolate at all.

I’m tempted to say M&S vouchers all round this year, but I know Junior Penguin 1 wouldn’t be seen dead in there, and not sure JP2 would either. <Sigh>

I know it’s still (just) July, but any ideas for Christmas presents for two such difficult ladies would be gratefully received!!


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