The parrots ate ’em all

September 23, 2011 at 9:03 pm | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 7 Comments
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The eight-year-old sense of humour is as strange and wondrous thing. I remember thinking, ‘Where’s the paracetamol?’ ‘The parrots ate ‘em all’ was absolutely hilarious, back in the day. It’s not quite so funny when you find you’re living on the darned things though, especially when all of a sudden you go to your paracetamol stash and find that the parrots do indeed appear to have eaten them all!

I’m having a bit of a flare (fizzle, flare-ette, floret?) this week – not what I needed the first week back from hols, but heck, it’s not what we need any time, is it? It doesn’t help that I have a slight cold on top of it, so I’m bunged up and headachy too, and I’m definitely having the maximum number of paracetamol allowed every day, which is why, although I tend to buy some every time I’m in a chemist or super market, just in case, I went to my paracetamol stash today and found the cupboard was bare!

They do nothing at all for inflammation and swelling, but I’m already taking everything I can for that side of things and they really DO help with the pain!

Thank goodness I’m the world’s untidiest penguin – and I was able to rummage some up from behind my bedside table, in my handbag, in my lunch bag … and now I come to think of it there might be a couple in my toilet bag! Still, another trip to the chemist is required tomorrow I think! Annoyingly I was there only yesterday but, for the first time in ages, completely forget to buy any paracetamol!

Off to take the bedside table stash and go zzzzz…..



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  1. Pollyanna…. you are toooo funny….. prrots ate em ol!!!!!!!!!! What the heck does that stuff do???? I’m thinkin’ it might be like our Tylenol?????????? LOL

    My thoughts are with you…. a while back, my leg blew up and foot, then the other one…. and i kept thinking,,,, cut back on the salt.. what the heck is this???? I still just can’t wrap my head around all the weird things that RA can do to a person’s body…. The Doc says,,, come see me when a flare happens… if a “flare” is when i feel like sh__…. that would be a lot of visits!!!! yikes…Lots of things are 1 day only and who knows what it is,,, but i just suck it up and go on.. i’m lucky, don’t HAVE to do anything if i don’t want… (retired 60’s girl, with a young mind and spirit),,, but the body doesn’t do what it used to… I have started something we call Water Areobics……….1 hr. of pool excercise,,, on Wed. and Fri…. can’t do Mon, cause i quilt that day… all in all i’m a very lucky girl….

    Just wanted to send you a warm hug from the USA… and hope your feeling well again soon… hugs

  2. Sorry to hear about the flare! Hope things are looking up soon.

  3. I hate when that happens. 😉 I hope the flarette has taken a powder by now and your cold is on its way out, too, Penguin. Glad to hear from you, too! It’s been a while and I’d been wondering how you’ve been. Did you have fun during your holiday?

  4. Thanks everyone – I actually feel a lot better today – although coming up stairs this morning balancing two coffees reminded me I wasn’t feeling THAT great. Then again, at least I could do it; earlier in the week it took about five minutes to get up stairs without the coffees!

    Wren, I had a fab holiday – really should post about it!!

    BJ, the hardest thing I found when I first got diagnosed was to work out what the heck a flare was! I suppose you get a sort of ‘feel for it’ after a while. (I wish you didn’t, but you do!) I asked the useless rheumy nurse on one of my first visits (before I’d realised how useless she was) and she said, ‘It’s a flare if you’re hospitalised.’ This is, of course, absolute nonsense. I mean it’s true as far as it goes: if you suddenly get so bad you’re hospitalised it’s obviously a flare, but it’s still a flare if you’ve been jogging along fine and suddenly you’re a lot less fine for a while, but can still cope without having to bother nursey! 🙂 And yes, tylenol is the same thing as paracetamol. But ‘Where have all the tylenol gone? The parrots ate ’em all’ really doesn’t work!

  5. Ok…hoping this lifts your spirits. Happy Feet Two is due for release soon 🙂 Now if that didn’t lift a penguin’s spirits, I don’t know what will. And on the human side…(((HUGS)))…feel better.

  6. LOL!! I’m deeply ashamed to admit, as a penguin, that I haven’t seen Happy Feet (1) yet! I know I really MUST! 🙂 Perhaps I can see them both together and have a Happy-Feet-Fest.

  7. Hi Pollyanna, hope that you’re feeling better. My little boy absolutely loved Happy Feet 2 and giggled the whole time.

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