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Oh crumbs – it’s snowing! You may remember that in my previous post I was winging about the cold the other day; well, it’s colder.

Yesterday the journey home was worse than I ever. I had a hectic day at work but I felt fine (if a little stressed) … and then I left the office to go home.

The moment my left knee found itself outside it started to complain, and the complaints got louder as I drove, to the point where I knew I wasn’t able to concentrate a hundred percent on my driving. Not good!

Although I get the ‘traditional’ sore and achy hands and feet of RA, the worst affected thing has always been my left knee, and if I have a flare that’s usually where it starts. This is the first year I’ve really noticed the cold affecting it though.

I’ve been trying to think of a way to keep that knee warm, specifically while driving. A lap blanket (Afghan in the US I believe) wouldn’t be safe, as it might slip into the foot-well and get tangled with my driving foot. (Fortunately, considering the sate of the left knee, I drive an automatic!)

I’ve decided the solution might be a ‘knee cosy’! I’m not quite sure yet how it would work. Perhaps a combination of a sports-style knee protector and a pouch that could incorporate one of those gel reusable hand-warmer type things?

I’m disappointed, but not surprised, to discover I’m not the first person (by a long, long way) to think up the neat ‘knee cosy’ moniker, but people are using it as a name for lap blankets, not for my cunning plan. I may have to make this my Christmas craft project!



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  1. Or alternatively … ask hubby to look for something in his chiropody supplies catalogue … he’s found me a knee support with a gel insert and is ordering it now! Now I can do something fun in the Christmas break instead!

  2. Great idea… i do bring a lap blankie…in the cold weather… seemss that both kneecaps are always cold unless they are covered with a “soft fleece blanket”…. yep, i’m a big baby,,, DH drives most always so i have he luxury of having “stuff” around me in the car..As for the knee cozy… i was thinking it could be made like a headband/ear cover that i made a lot of… size can be controlled easily…
    it’s crochet.. chain the number of stitches to be the width you want.. (cover the knee), then do rows of Single Crochet (in the back loop, this makes a ridge for slight stretch)… work until the fit is snug and comfortable.. then seam into a ring… What do you think??Barbara

  3. That’s a really good idea Barbara, and I could whip one up in an evening … a darned sight easier than doing the gloves I’m trying to crochet at the moment. I will see how the thing hubby’s ordered me pans out but if it’s not really what I’m after then I’ll give crochet a try for sure!

  4. You could also attach a velcro strip to each end of your crocheted knee cosy, Penguin. That way you wouldn’t have to step into it and pull it up over your calf to your knee–just wrap it around the knee and close the velcro fastenings.

    Alternatively, the knee support your hubby ordered, or a heat pack that wraps around the knee are also good possibilities. Since your drive is too short to allow the car to warm up well, I can really see your kneed (heheh) for warmth. Arthritic joints just hate the cold!

    Have a terrific, warm and cosy weekend. 😉

  5. Ha! Was just about to comment on the genius idea- and then read your comment… Very wise, say I.

  6. I’m rather hoping the thing hubby ordered will do the trick because a) saves me a job and b) given what it’s costing, it had better work! However, if not then ribbed crochet and Velcro combo coming up! 🙂

  7. If you want a cheap alternative to gel packs you can make minature microwave bags for hand/knee warmers by sewing two small squares of fabric together and then filling with rice (allegedly basmati works best), then just microwave it for a minute to warm the rice up before you venture outside 😉

  8. Ooh that’s a good idea … and I have a load of basmati I keep forgetting to cook … 🙂

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