Wakey wakey, rise and make the coffee …

December 31, 2011 at 11:50 am | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 2 Comments

I was woken from a deeeeeep sleep this morning by hubby going ‘beep beep, beep beep, beep beep …’

‘Eh, g-g-g-wha? isi time ta ger-gup?’ I said sleepily.

‘Yes, and I want my coffee in bed!’ replied hubby. Well, how cruel! ‘Seemed a shame to wake you from such a deep sleep,’ he said cheerfully.

‘Didn’t stop you from doing it,’ I grumbled, climbing creakily (and crankily) out of bed.

‘Well, no. You told me yesterday, when it was actually your turn to make the coffee but I made it, that I should have woken you up and gone “Get out of bed you lazy bird, it’s your turn to make the coffee.” I didn’t do it then so I’m doing it now …’

Me and my big mouth! He’s quite right, I did say that yesterday. I don’t know what possessed me.

I groggily hunted for something to put on over my nightie and found a tatty, ratty and definitely catty old jumper. ‘What?’ I hear you cry. ‘Doesn’t the poor penguin even has a dressing-gown to keep her aching bones warm?’ Well yes … it’s warm and pink and very, very snug … and I’m sure the cat lovers among you will understand when I say:

Enormous Cat snuggled happily on my dressing gown

How could I move a cat this cute?

But in the end I’m glad hubby got me up relatively early, because I managed to squeeze in some exercise before starting my mammoth New Year cookathon, and of course I feel a lot better for it.

Isn’t motivation a funny thing? I (almost) always feel better for a 20-minute embarrassing bop in front of an exercise video, and yet I can rarely motivate myself to do it! Mind you, it’s a darned sight easier when I’m not at work for nine hours a day. I guess that’s the fundamental difference. Anyone think I’m overworking?



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  1. Oh, Penguin! For me, plodding grumbly-footed into the kitchen to make coffee as the sun rises is never worth it UNTIL the wonderful aroma has filled the house and I take that first, blissed-out sip of the day. I swear it’s coffee alone that lures me out of bed and into the day.

    Enjoy your cooking marathon! I wish you and your hubby a joyous and laughter-filled New Year.

  2. LOL I love this post. I prepare the coffee maker at night. In the morning we just have to flip the switch (on our 23 years old electric coffe maker). Eventually the machine will die. When it does, we’ll replace it with one that has a timer. Unfortunately, they only brew the coffee, and don’t deliver it to your bedside. 😉

    Glad to hear you were able to get in a quick workout. I feel better once I exercise, too. It’s just so hard to start, though. May 2012 bring you many such good starts to your day.

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