Shoulder injection has worked … a bit …

November 7, 2012 at 9:32 am | Posted in arthrits, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint pai | 3 Comments
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When I had that shoulder injection I was finding it very hard to pinpoint exactly where the pain was, but I know it was kind of ’round the back’. Well … the pain round the back has gone, the mobility is improved but not great, but now I can exactly pinpoint the pain that remains and it’s to the side/front! I still can’t lift the shoulder much above the horizontal.

I went to see my GP about it last week and she’s put me forward for a scan. I was rather hoping for another injection but she says it’s too soon as, since there has been some improvement from the one I had, it should still be working away and might start to improve the other bit too. I rather doubt that, but she’s the doc, so we shall see!

The other thing she said was that if they do the scan and can see the exact spot that is inflamed, they can do the injection there and then and be sure that it’s in just the right place. And being the NHS, by the time the scan comes through I will certainly have left enough time between injections!

So for the moment it’s a waiting game … again!

In the meantime I have my second cold of the winter, and it’s not even supposed to be winter yet. <sigh, achoooooooooooo=””> I’ve also had an unpleasant flare through most of September and the beginning of October, but that seems to be over now – phew. As usual, nothing whatsoever showed in the bloods. In fact, when I have my six-monthly rheumy appointment in December I’m expecting him to say ‘Oh, did you have a bit of a flare in July – your bloods are slightly up.’ I was 100% fine in July!



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  1. Glad that your shoulder feels better; sad that the pain didn’t go completely away. I understand your frustration, Penguin. And I do know how irritating and disabling shoulder pain can be.

    As for the flare vs. bloods…. grrrrr. It would be nice if the tests backed up the painful reality, wouldn’t it.

    Take care, m’dear. Get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, stay warm and maybe that narsty cold will take a powder sooner rather than later. Sending warm and healthy wishes your way…

  2. I used to think I got colds all the time then I started on allergy meds & 7,000 IU of vitamin D per day (tons more energy and far less achy with the vitamin D.) No more colds! As much as I hate being on the meds, I love how much better I feel.

  3. Hope that the scan reveals the details of what’s going on so a focused treatment can bring long lasting relief. I had a hip injection to weeks ago and like you, it gave some relief for a while but back with a vengeance. Doc wants me to come in for a second injection. I can see how a scan would help pinpoint the inflammation.

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