Niggles and Grumbles

February 13, 2013 at 10:02 pm | Posted in arthrits, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint pai | 6 Comments
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I’ve got grumbley hands and feet. I’m not sure that I’d use this description to the rheumatologist mind you, but it seems to fit. I’m not in agony; in fact,I’m not even in constant pain, but if I overdo it then the hands and feet … and knee of course, how could I forget the knee … grumble!

I’ve been getting a lot more grumbling going on over the last few weeks than I’ve had for ages. I think it all started with the flare that I had between Christmas and New Year, and there have been niggles ever since.

It doesn’t seem to matter what I’m doing – and in fact my hands have been better today, back at work and typing, than they were over the four-day weekend I’ve just had. (Fabulous birthday weekend away, but that’s a whole ‘nother story!)

At least I’m not grumbling much about work right now – we’ve had two weeks of it being dead quiet, and now it’s gone manically busy! It would be lovely it was a constant steady flow, but I’m much happier with it busy and buzzing than dead as a dodo.

Well, I don’t have a rheumatology appointment until May, and things are nowhere near bad enough to make me subject myself to one earlier, so I suppose by then the grumbles will either have done what they usually do miraculously in time for a rheumy appointment, disappeared – or they’ll be bad enough that I’ll be able to have a proper grumble to the doc about them! In the meantime I shall just grin and bear it … or possibly grumble and bear it.



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  1. Oh dear. How well I know that “grumbly” feeling in various much-used places, like hands. Fingers. Toes. Heheheh… knees. I do understand your disgruntlement, Penguin. Grumbly hands don’t keep you from doing anything, really–they just make you aware, all the time, that you ARE doing it. Because it hurts.

    I hope the grumblies go away, or at least, grumble less. The niggles, too. Sending a hug your way, m’dear. 😉

  2. Oh dear, Penguin. Hope your flippers and knees stop grumbling — or at least if they continue, you can discuss with your rheumy who might be able to help. Good luck and good luck with PIP. What a mess that seems to be. Hugs.

  3. Thanks Wren and Carla, I hope it goes away too. 🙂

    Carla, the PIP thing doesn’t affect me directly, thank goodness, as I don’t claim anything anyway; it just makes me CROSS! 😦 Of course, it might affect me directly one day, but I hope it never will … don’t we all?! And of course I know people who will be affected. You’re right, it’s an absolute mess!

  4. Oh dear, I hope it all goes away. I’ve been having a few wee niggles myself since about Christmas but nothing to go to the doctor about.. hoping it will calm down too. If only we knew what kicked it all off and what makes it go away..sigh!

  5. Thanks Squirrel – sounds like we’re in the same boat! Still up and down like a yo-yo here – dreadful yesterday, somewhat better today ….

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