Abracadabra – knee flare be GONE!

March 15, 2013 at 6:56 pm | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 4 Comments

OK, that might be a slight exaggeration, but considering how much pain and discomfort and just plain disability I was suffering from a few days ago, I’m amazed how much better I am! Things were getting ‘worser and worser’, right up until the day after I’d had my first 20mg of prednisolone, and since then they’ve been getting better and better.

Other factors certainly aided in the recovery, including the house being scented with heavenly ‘get well flowers’ from Bro & SIL,a cheerful and cheering visit from my Mum and poor handy hubby on hand to wait on me flipper and foot… but I’m sure the pred has had a major part to play.

The day after my first lot of pred, I was able to bend the knee a bit more but still not really walk on it. The day after that I had MUCH less pain and could hobble about for a short while with my stick. Then I was back to work for half-days, and now, a week-and-a-bit later, I’m back to full-time work, not using the stick at all and feel pretty fine … just so long as I don’t try to walk up stairs normally and don’t try to stay up ‘past my bedtime’ which was about 7:30 pm yesterday!

I’m getting some twinges of backache from the right-hand side, which I suspect is all the heavy leaning on that side while hobbling about before the knee got better, but hopefully that will pass soon!

No side effects that I’m aware of from the steroids, so all’s well at the moment. Hurrah!



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  1. Brilliant news 🙂 Long may it continue. Steroids can be magical things with occasional use!

  2. Oh yes, the Pred is magical. As my Rheumy put it … “the side effects are not going to kill you, but they do need managing”. If you are on it for a short time then enjoy, and follow your dosage as recommended. However, if you are going to be on it for months/years be sure that you are taking as small a dose as you can and still feel comfortable, and get plenty of calcium. I seem to be sensitive to it and I am getting by on 7.5 mgs a day, hope to try going down to 5mgs in another week or two.

  3. Oh, outstanding! Glad to hear you’re percolating again (or whatever penguins do). Do be careful and not overdo! Cheers.

  4. Thanks everyone! 🙂 Lucybo, yes that sounds horribly familiar! I should be glad it’s only one knee in my case I suppose. I hope you get your appointment soon! Squirrel & RA Cellist, thankfully it’s a short pred taper so hopefully will be side-effect free. I should be off them completely in a week or two and I think I’m down to 5mg tomorrow and then until I stop. Carla – I think penguins waddle … so I seem to manage that with or without knee problems!

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