Hip hip hooray!

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I’ve just been to see my GP about a very painful hip that’s been bothering me for about four weeks now and getting worse rather than better. (There’s little point in going until one is a few weeks into the pain as they just say ‘Come back if it’s not better in a few weeks’ if you do that!) I had been getting rather low thinking that the methotrexate increase wasn’t working – but in the back of mind I was wondering if it was arthritis at all. When I saw my rheumy nurse for the monthly blood test a couple of weeks ago I mentioned the hip pain and said, ‘Honestly, I don’t think it’s arthritis – I have plenty of movement in that hip. I could dance the can-can if I had the legs for it!’

Still, it’s funny how one’s mind can almost split into two on things like this; (well, my mind can, anyway). One part of me was thinking ‘Of course it’s not arthritis’ while the other part was thinking, ‘Doom, gloom, despair! My methotrexate increase hasn’t worked – there aren’t many options open to me if it doesn’t … will I end up in a wheelchair?’

Anyway, I saw the doc today and she confirmed that it’s NOT arthritis (or at least very unlikely to be, anyway) – far too much movement in the hip. She has referred me for physio for a dodgy ligament (technical term, that!) but the chances are, she thinks, that it’ll clear up in another few weeks by itself – so I’ll just cancel the appointment, because that’ll probably take three months to come through anyway!

The hip pain (and associated other pains including referred pain in the knee) has been making my life a misery and continues to do so. I have to limit the driving I do because it’s incredibly painful – it also affects work, but I’m very very happy it’s (almost certainly) not arthritis … though I would like to know what on earth caused the ligament to get upset because I haven’t done anything to it!




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  1. So sorry you’ve had the painful hip. Good luck with the physio. Some gentle stretches and ice might help in the meantime. Do take care and thanks for all the encouragement. I have to get my knee well. Am visiting London in a few weeks and as you know, the UK isn’t very disability friendly. Cheers.

  2. Hip pain can be SO hard to deal with, Penguin. I’m so sorry you’ve had such trouble with yours lately. It IS good that it doesn’t appear to be RA causing the problem, but that doesn’t make it much easier when you can’t get comfortable in any position or walk without pain.

    I hope the nurse is right that it will work itself out within a few weeks. I wonder if physical therapy would be any help?

    Sending warmth and comfort winging over The Water to you… 😉

  3. Hi Carla and Wren,
    Thanks for the thoughts and advice and warmth and comfort – it’s a wee bit better today so I’m guessing the doc might be right about it mending itself. Wren, I’ve been referred for physio (physical therapy) but I expect it’ll be months away. Carla, GOOD IDEA about the ice pack! And I do hope you get your knee sorted – the UK in general isn’t too bad I don’t think for disabilities, but London, because of all the historic buildings that can’t be made disabled-friendly, and the underground etc., is a nightmare.

  4. Hi Penguin! I get your comment about doing your waiting before going to the GP – but the downside is that many perceive only the first visit and often start from there whether YOU have already done the waiting period! Once you have a GP who knows you well enough to accept you waited for it to go away before giving in it is fine – but I had the problem last February when my back pain had got to the “I need something done about this before I get to the same state as last year” (that led to being admitted 😦 ) First I got a 1/2 hour lecture (this isn’t the UK remember) from the locum about things to prevent back pain – I had to be very rude and interrupt with the info that after 25 years I know that routine better than he did! I got my pain clinic referral and it has been a steady improvement since – after the lovely Astrid (an anaesthetist) told me I had done absolutely the right thing and next time I can just go straight to them 🙂

    Is the end in sight? I hope so – although one day last week I suddenly couldn’t turn my head to the right and trying to force it was like a red hot needle drilling into my neck. A circular motion was fine. It’s gone now I think!

    The REAL upside? Resolution of the back problem (spasmed muscles all over) has been accompanied by an equally steady improvement of the hip pain (trochanteric bursitis), an improvement which started with cortisone injections but was not 100%.

    Public buildings here (Italy) tend not to be very disability-friendly either – you even have to look hard to find toilets that aren’t downstairs, usually in the basement. Or they are accessed via a lift that is at the other end of the corridor – so you walk miles to get to the lift and miles back to the toilets which are immediately under where you started from!

    Hope it’s hurting less by now 🙂

  5. Hi Eileen,

    Nicely on the mend now thank goodness and with a good stock of paracetamol since i got lots of prescription on the basis that I was taking them as often as one is allowed! I’m now back to only taking them maybe once or twice in 24 hours, and I’m feeling loads better.

    Yes, I know what you mean about being believed but thankfully IF I can get to see my GP of choice, she does know me well enough to believe me – and I did see her this time.

    I do hope the end is in sight for you!!!

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