Physicool products – 20% off

Further to my review of a Physicool cooling bandage, I’m delighted to announce that the company are offering 20% off to anyone putting in the code ‘penguin‘ into the coupons option at the checkout, until 9 November 2013.

At the moment this only applies to readers in the UK.


Please note: I do not work for this company or stand to make any profit from this in any way. I found it a useful product and if you choose to use this promotion then I hope you do too!

4 thoughts on “Physicool products – 20% off

  1. Thank you so much Penguin. I wanted to try physicool and you have made it much more affordable!
    As for your poor ankle it could be RA as I have problems with my ankle and synovial fluid leakage and swelling. However, it is ever so easy to hurt a ligament by a wrong movement. So I am not much help. I hope the ankle improves soon
    Thanks again
    Take care
    Lorna x

    1. Hi Lorna,

      I’m so glad – and I really hope it works for you! I suppose I shall have to go and see the doc at some point if this ankle doesn’t clear up – then I’ll find out what’s going on; is your ankle problem on the inside or outside of your leg though? I think that might be key.

      1. Hi I have it on the inside as well as the outside but the outside is worse also have elhers danlos so that doesn’t help. Lx

        1. Hi Lorna,

          Heavens – I should think elhers danlos doesn’t help!! I know someone else who has that and I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like to have both! 😦 Doesn’t it make it hard to know which is causing what though?

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