Good GRIEF – advertising doctors part 2

December 2, 2013 at 3:33 pm | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 13 Comments

No sooner had I posted the post below, when bam, this hits my inbox … from the SAME doctors. How lame is that? If I hadn’t been suspicious the first time, I think I might have been this time!

Ankle pain can be a issue for any one who likes to be active. Nobody likes to sit whole day due a bad ankle. Before its too late it’s always good to get it checked with Rheumatologist. I had same thing happened with me a year ago, I got it checked with Dr. xxxxxx. It took time to heal, but atlast got cured and I back with my football practice.

Before it’s too late, you fool – use the apostrophe! And ‘a Rheumatologist’. and ‘I had the same thing happen to me’ and actually no, you didn’t because you’re a lying little … I could go on, but i have more important things to do with my time … like dribble Decaffeinated Diet Coke down my top. (If this puzzles you, have a glance at the previous post!)




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  1. Might I suggest that you have a look at their website to see if they have a comments section available on which you could offer your grammar correction skills with examples of their work both original and corrected?!

  2. Lovely idea, Maggie – off to look now! Guessing they don’t have a comments section though – they’re too familiar with how they can be abused, given that they are abusers!

  3. Wow! I get lots of spam, but managed to escape that one.
    Why anyone would hire foreign countries to leave their blog spam, I have no idea. It’s obvious to everyone when something was originally written in a different language, then poorly translated. fwiw, In the US, it is not typically necessary for doctors to advertise. Specialists get their patients through referrals from primary care, and primary care is in short-supply so there’s no need for advertising. The exceptions would be things that people pay cash for because it isn’t covered by insurance: plastic surgery, bariatric surgery, vision correction surgery…

    Hope you have fewer pains today 🙂

  4. ps – I like the snowflake background

  5. Hello Warm Socks, Glad you like the seasonal background – although of course being a penguin blog, it’s always snowflakes! 🙂

    I quite agree – why would anyone do this? The only thing I can think about is that someone who knows nothing about web marketing asked a company to improve their website rankings without realizing the dodgy methods that would be used to do so! I have followed Maggie’s suggestion (sort of) and sent them some correspondence through their website – although not actually a comment as they don’t allow those. So I’ll see if I get a response – if it’s rude then I’ll assume they knew what they were doing!!

    Thank you for putting me right about the advertising thing – these are apparently rheumatology doctors so shouldn’t need advertising unless … they’re not very good! 🙂 That’s the same as it works here – the doctors, whether private or NHS, are sent patients via primary care – although you seem to have a lot more choice than we do … at least in theory. Maybe it just seems that way ’cause America’s so big!

  6. Those things make me crazy as well. In Dallas, we have billboards and television commercials for a lot of specialty clinics — mostly elective procedures, but our hospitals also advertise their specialists — heart, spine, cancer, OB/Gyn. And when a new medical facility opens you can bet they’re advertising showing how nice their facilities are. I just take it all in as part of general information but I do draw the line when things start showing up on my blog or in my email! (Enough to get your flippers in a twit!)

  7. Hi Carla – urgh, makes me shudder to think of it! 🙂 My flippers are definitely in a twist! 🙂

  8. But girls, girls – an open market improves EVERYTHING – didn’t you know? Keeps prices down, service standards up – well, so they’d have you believe. There was an excellent article on German TV the other night about how their system is crumbling as a result. And it used to be one of the best in Europe. The NHS is struggling now – god help us all if the gubmint gets its way…

  9. LOL Eileen – that just about sums it up! 😦

  10. And I won’t even mention utilities! Except to say the Verbraucherzentrale here (the consumer advice people) tells me that the world price of energy has fallen in the last 6 years but we are paying 16% more. Now I appreciate that is peanuts compared to the UK – but isn’t the excuse they give the wholesale prices??????????? The lunatics here are STILL telling us we need more liberalisation.

  11. Nooooooooooooooooo … don’t mention utilities!! What a cmoplete mess it all is!

  12. Worth moving here Polly – we run the central heating for about 1/2 an hour in the morning before showering and then it is off for the rest of the day unless we can’t be bothered to light the wood stove in which case we might have it on for another hour in the evening. The stove gets lit about 4pm (after the mountain switches the sun off) but is only on until before we eat dinner – even then we might have to strip to t-shirts! Overnight temps of -8C for the last 2+ weeks, daytime maybe +5C but sunny. I assume my neighbours like being warm 😉

  13. Hi Eileen, That sounds soooooooooooo good – especially right now, sitting here full of colds and sneezes, looking out on a dark grey sky!

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