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January 21, 2014 at 11:29 am | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 3 Comments

I introduced Healclick last week with this post. In a nutshell, it’s a site that’s run for patients, by patients, and aims, amongst other things, to match people up to people suffering similar problems and symptoms and who are similar all round.

Well … they seem to be having a few teething problems at the moment but I hope people will bear with them while they get sorted, as it does seem a really good idea, if they can crack the technology! When I first signed up, they were matching people with percentages, but getting ‘100% match’ for a man who had RA along with a plethora of other things, just because he was close in age (is that really THAT relevant I wonder?) and perhaps because he was geographically close, didn’t really work for me. I can’t be 100% similar to a man, let alone all the other issues we didn’t share – so I wasn’t really that impressed with the matching system. And one of my 80% matches was someone who had migraines – well yeah, so do I, but she didn’t have arthritis at all.

Then they changed the way you viewed matches so that the percentages disappeared – a good move I think. It went to ‘great match’ or ‘good match’ or less. Now I think they’ve changed something again, because when I went back in this morning I suddenly have not a single good match. They’re all labelled as ‘low match’ and the people I was closely matched to have disappeared off my list altogether.

Ha – checked in ten minutes later and my matches are back! I’m still ‘great match’ with the man with lots of other conditions – I’m guessing it’s geography and age that does it, and I don’t agree with that, in this online world – BUT I do think I’m a good match with some of the people listed as ‘good matches’, so I’m feeling a bit more encouraged than I was!

Of course one major thing is that you have to fill in quite a lot of stuff in quite a lot of detail to really see how close a match is – so if you do sign up, be prepared to be bothered or it won’t work for you!



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  1. I need to go back and check it out again…work has been nuts and I come home exhausted…hmm…wonder what’s up with that???

  2. Yeah, do have another look … don’t give up on ’em just yet! 🙂 Sounds ‘normal’ to me – work is either nuts and I come home exhausted or too quiet and I get stressed out that we haven’t got the work coming in … and come home exhausted! Fatigue is all part of the fun with RA!

  3. Thanks for the honest review! Teething problems is precisely the right description. We do know what we have to do to make this work. Hopefully with our crowdfunding campaign going pretty well (we’re almost up to $12k today http://igg.me/at/healclick/ ) we’ll be able to get these matches really solid within 2 months.

    For now, it seems that patients are already finding a ton of value in our treatment reviews. Since we lauched, users have posted around 1500 treatment reviews, so we’re building up a huge database of experiences. Now we just have to make sense of it all 🙂

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