On mended knee

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Eye Church from the Pennings Nature Reserve

Eye Church from the Pennings Nature Reserve

Thanks for all the comments. Well, we made it back today, and successfully collected the fabric. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about then you’ll need to read the previous post!) Run4Joy – not sure about ‘spry’, the knee isn’t perfect … in fact neither knee is as good as it was a couple of days ago, but both are much, much better than yesterday!

Maggie, good point! We made it back and this time we got to the nature reserve – and very lovely (and flat) it was too. You can’t see in the picture above but between us and the church there’s a lovely river (the River Dove), teaming with damselflies and dragonflies. Most of the (very small) reserve is a wild flower meadow, so a jolly nice place to visit in the summer!

Carla, I’m sure you’re right – I had been overdoing it, so we had a very short and leisurely walk around the reserve and then headed back home and put our feet up. Poor Hubby, having done all the driving two days running … not to mention the drive up to the coast on Friday night for a walk around Cromer, Blakeney and Wells (did I mention I might have overdone it lately?), was more in need of a feet up afternoon than I was!


O’oh …

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Well, I’ve had no problem at all with giving up the anti-inflammatories … everything’s been fine – until this afternoon. Hubby and I decided to have a trip to the very pretty little town of Eye in Suffolk – about an hour away from home. It’s this pretty:Image

And if you think it looks a bit like Toytown, that’s because it’s taken from the top of the castle mott. That’s this:


Quite a long way up … and I walked all the way up there, lots of steps … and down again, lots more steps, and I was fine.

And then we found a lovely little restaurant, Lindsay House, which I highly recommend if you ever find yourself in Eye on a Thursday to Sunday (they’re not open the other days) and had a first-class lunch … and I was fine.

And then … while sipping the surprisingly good decaf coffee (surprising because decaf coffee isn’t normally that good), my right knee started to twinge. And then it started to do more than twinge … which was a shame because we were planning to investigate the nearby nature reserve after lunch and instead we went back home. ‘Let’s see how it is on the way to the car park’ I said … but alas, it wasn’t good.

So I’ve managed not quite two weeks I think without anti-inflams, but I had to have one today. The good news is that the knee’s not been too bad since I got home.

I suspect going up the castle hill was a step (or two) too far! Hopefully I’ll be OK tomorrow … There’s a good chance we’re going back to Eye tomorrow. (It was nice but not THAT nice. However, I bought some rather unusual fabric in a shop there, and managed to leave it behind when we left the restaurant. DOH!)



Cutting back on the tabs!

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You may have noticed I haven’t actually said anything much about my RA for a while … well that’s because it’s not really affecting me in a big way, and hasn’t been for a while. And yes – I do appreciate how bloomin’ lucky I am!

I saw my consultant the other day and for once we were in agreement – things are going well both from his point of view (bloods and 2-second examination) and mine (how I actually feel). These two things rarely combine but this time they did, and what’s more, six months ago when I saw the nurse things were going well too, so we’ve made the decision to cut back on the tablets.

I must say I felt awfully brave doing that … still do actually, it’s scary how dependent one gets on the comfort of knowing that if you keep taking the tablets things are mostly OK. It’s only the anti-inflammatories that I’m cutting back on at the moment, and the idea is that if that goes OK I’ll step down my methotrexate next time I see him. In fact, I’ve cut out the anti-inflammatories altogether for five days so far and things are going well. Apart from the odd twinges in my bad knee and occasional mild stiffness and achiness if I wake up after a cold night, I’ve had very little indication that they were making any difference. Unlike the methotraxate, there was no build-up with the anti-inflams I was taking, so the good news is that I can cut them out for the moment but if I have a flare, or just a bad, achy day, I can take one whenever I need to.

Of course we’ve had five days of glorious sunshine and DRYNESS – which I’m convinced makes a difference, so we’ll have to wait and see how things go when that stops – and given it’s the weekend that will probably stop tomorrow! Watch this space! I’m really hopeful though that things will carry on going well and I can reduce the methotrexate in six months’ time!

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