To flare or not to flare – that is the question

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I woke up yesterday morning with really bad pain in my hip/lower back, but by lunchtime it had passed off, so I had a lunchtime walk yesterday as usual, and very pleasant it was too, until about half-way round, when I got a very sharp pain in the side of my foot, just behind the little toe. (Same leg as the hip pain.) By the time I got back to work the pain was coming in short, sharp bursts lasting up to about 10 seconds and then was fine in between … but in between wasn’t very long! It was happening at least twice a minute. I took paracetamol and, three hours later, ibuprofen, but to no avail. We had to go shopping that night and I limped around the supermarket and then asked hubby to drive home as I was in too much pain. It wasn’t the worst pain I’d ever experienced but it was BAD. My foot just in that area was bright red and swollen, so that sounds like RA, but the odd coming and going of it doesn’t seem quite right. I THINK it was RA and I’m just a weird patient!

Anyway, of course being Monday last night was m-m-m-methotrexate night. I went to bed still in a LOT of pain, and woke up in the middle of the night thinking, ‘OOOH, my foot hurts’ and then again, some time later in the middle of the night, I think around 3:30, thinking ‘OOOH, my foot DOESN’T HURT!’ And it hasn’t hurt since. I have no idea what’s going on or why, but MAYBE it was lucky that that happened on a Monday and the methotrexate kicked in. I don’t think it’s supposed to work like that though, is it? It’s supposed to be a slow build-up, not a week by week thing. Perhaps it was just a short, sharp flare-ette and just finished then. Perhaps it wasn’t RA at all. They mystery of what is and isn’t RA is certainly … mysterious …

That reminds me of the time a few weeks ago when I was getting sharp pains and bad headaches that felt like they were on the outside of my skull. Not the first time this has happened, you may recall. Oh dear, I thought, I hope this isn’t giant cell arteritis – I think it’s that sort of symptom … and then I realised I was wearing a hair-slide that was being pushed into my head by my transcription headphones! Much relieved that I worked this out by myself and didn’t bother the poor, overworked GP with it!

Anyway, the good news is that the answer seems to be ‘not to flare’ at the moment, but I’m having a day off walks this lunchtime just in case it happens again!



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  1. And it definitely wasn’t a hair slide that had fallen into your sock? :oP

  2. Absolutely not … I did check! 🙂

  3. Whatever the reason, I’m delighted that you’re not in a flare! Hugs.

  4. Thanks Carla! And I hope you and hubby are both doing better!

  5. My flares are weird like that too… It’s like my RA can’t make up its mind!

  6. Hi April, yep – that’s EXACTLY how it feels. I sometimes want to shout ‘Oh for heaven’s sake make up your mind …’ but then of course it might make up its mind to flare … 🙂

  7. Sounds like an RA flare to me, Penguin. Mine used to be like that all the time, and they’d sometimes last for days. Fortunately, I haven’t had one like that in a long time. Knock wood!

    As for the hair slide pain: heeheehee… 😉

  8. Thanks Wren – weirdly (perhaps) it’s really encouraging to know that that sounds like someone else’s RA pain, because not being a ‘typical patient’ I find it dead confusing to work out what the heck is and isn’t RA!

    Glad you enjoyed the hair-slide story. Good job I don’t mind admitting I’m a fool in public, isn’t it? 🙂

  9. If you think you might have GCA I wouldn’t waste my time taking it to a GP! At least you have a rheumy on (almost) direct dial 😉 who might recognise it.

    Good to see you back – and I’ve been away…

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