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October 5, 2015 at 4:58 pm | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 7 Comments
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Well my knee is very definitely better – From being barely able to hobble across the room, one predniselone taper later and I’m almost back to normal – I’m back at work, doing my lunch-time walks again, carrying on as normal … almost. The things is I’m getting twinges in that knee after walks, and I haven’t dared try exercise other than walking yet, and it’s generally more painful and tender than it was – I still have huge tracts of time when it doesn’t hurt at all, I’m delighted to say, but it probably hurts more and more often than it did pre-flare. I don’t know yet whether that’s because things are still settling down after the flare – it’s been nearly two weeks now which is long for me but not long in the scheme of RA things – or whether there’s been some damage done to the knee and this is the way it’s going to be from now on.

Here’s hoping it’s the former!

As to non-RA related stuff, I’m very sad to have to say that ‘Enormous Cat’ died a few weeks ago. We miss him enormously! Well, Hubby and I do. Tiny Cat 2 isn’t the slightest bit bothered! ‘All the more crunchies for me’ I think is her attitude.

On the brighter side, we had a fabulous holiday to Whitby, where we were lucky enough to get a room upgrade in the very nice hotel and had a generally lovely, relaxing time, and, in spite of seriously steep hills, the RA pretty much behaved itself. I did wimp out of a really steep and windy trip up to see a waterfall … but it wasn’t as though we’d planned that anyway. We just stopped in a village cafe for a coffee, got chatting to a couple and their very friendly (and perpetually hungry dog) and he said ‘Have you been up to see it yet?’ And we said ‘See what’ and it turned out there was a fairly famous waterfall there. I did manage to see the wonderful Whitby Abbey, which I had been really wanting to visit for years.


The Yorkshire Moors were magnificent, and yes, we did have some good weather too, in spite of the Abbey photo above with the foreboding clouds!


And Castle Howard was deeply impressive … although the only bit I really liked was the Arts & Crafts Chapel – amazing! (The ‘new wing’, built in 17-something, was also nice, but the neoclassic earlier part of the house I personally found rather cold, although Hubby loved it!)


All in all a very fine holiday – but could have done with another week!



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  1. I’m so glad you got to have a holiday, after having to give up your previous plans a while ago. Holidays are good for the heart and soul. I do hope that knee isn’t going to be a permanent problem. As I read about it, I wondered if there might be a little osteoarthritis in it, too? Though I do know all about those “twinges.” They’re usually harbingers of doomy things to come. Fingers crossed that this time, they’re just letting you know that “things aren’t quite settled down in there yet, you, so don’t go gallivanting about!”

    Love your photos. The abby took my breath away. What that must have looked like centuries back, when it was inhabited and being cared for!

    Hugs, dear Penguin. 🙂

  2. Glad you didn’t fall down the Whitby steps or you might have met my daughter who’s a paramedic there 😉 And possibly even met a real vampire.

    Even I wince at the thought of wandering around Whitby so well done – it is the one justification I can think of for getting a mobility scooter and I seriously thought about it 3 years ago for her wedding where we couldn’t do the photos outside the church or we’d have been blown away! I have yet to “do” the steps, all 199 of them.

    Where did you stay? In Whitby itself?

  3. Hi Wren,

    I had it checked for osteo a few years ago and no signs of it, although of course there might be now. Fortunately the knee has settled down back to pretty much how it was before -permanently tender but perfectly usable. 🙂

    The Abbey is amazing now and would have been a whole lot more amazing back in the day, i should think – and probably also brightly colored. We tend to forget that they painted all the stonework in medieval times!

    ‘Hugs across the pond’ to you too m’dear.

  4. Hi Eileen,

    I LOOKED at the Whitby steps from the bottom … and I LOOKED at the Whitby steps from the top but I decided not to go up or down a single one of them! 🙂 Nice as it would be, I’m sure, to meet your daughter, glad not to have done it in those circumstances! LOL!

    We stayed just outside Whitby, between there and Sandsend … the Raithwaite Estate. Very nice. Had a spa too but we didn’t use that at all.

  5. My daughter has been to the spa and said it is lovely – she said she’d take me but it hasn’t materialised yet … They do good massages she said.
    Yes – in so many ways it is such a shame that England had Henry VIII and Cromwell. I think about it every time I go into mainland Europe churches – which range from the shabbily frescoed to Baroque on steroids but are so much more colourful. Wells has some very pretty bits if I remember rightly.

  6. If we go to Raithwaite again I must remember my swimming cozie!

    There are some AMAZING medieval church frescoes – presumably whitewashed by Henry or Oliver’s lot and then had the layers of whitewash removed years later, in Victorian or Edwardian times – just round the corner from Whitby – but i can’t remember which little town/village. Will try to remember to ask hubby when I get home! I’ve seen bits and bobs of similar paintings in other churches, usually badly damaged, but while these are faded, it’s all there – faces and everything. Apparently the word ‘deface’ is not Tudor in origin – it’s much older – but one feels it ought to be, since that’s what they literally went around doing!

  7. p.s. Wells in Somerset, not Wells-next-the-Sea in Norfolk, near me? 🙂 They’re both pretty mind you but architecturally I think the Somerset one is a bit more impressive. 🙂

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