Bloomin’ knee again

January 14, 2016 at 9:55 am | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 6 Comments

So here I am, five to six days into a flare and three days into my prednisolone non-taper – it’s just 40 mg for seven days and then stop. Most of me is on top of the world with all these steroids sloshing about. Hands, great; feet, great; elbow, great; right ankle, only occasional twinges. The good ol’ left knee, however, is another matter.

Wren has her dragon, some people refer to Arthur the arthritis, but for me, I’m picturing tiny little microbe-size mice nibbling away on all my joints going, ‘like the mice on the mouse organ in Bagpus only way, way smaller. ‘Hmm, not as good as cheese’, ‘No, we’ve had better than this, Charlie-Mouse’. Then of course, a la Bagpus (with apologies to all my American friends who’ve probably never heard of him or his mouse friends) they’d start the inevitable song, ‘Eat the joints, eat the joints, nom nom nom …’ And then, finally, making their way around my body, and being beaten off by the steroids (possibly in the form of Bagpus or Emily telling them to behave … or is the point where I’m really losing my mind due to lack of sleep and knee pain?) they finally reach the safety of the mouse-hole in my left knee. ‘This is it!’ ‘Yay!’ ‘Yummy-yummy!’ ‘It’s the cheese mountain …’ And they there are to stay … but hopefully not for very long.

OK, that crazy dose of whimsicality has cheered me up slightly, which is what it’s all about really!

Back to reality – I’m at work (but I don’t know for how long) sitting with a freezing Physicool bandage round my leg, in a freezing office with snow coming down outside, but i have to say the bandage really is helping! I also remembered finally to get my stick out  so I’ve been using that, which does help too. I really must remember to get these things out and use them sooner in future!



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  1. IM so sorry, I’ve been there, had 2 knee flare ups in less than a year, had to learn to walk all over again both times with a walker, but to lift you up this morning, Im back to walking my 2 1/2 mile walks and doing well. Never give in, you will win. And keep fighting hard.

  2. Thanks Diana – really good to hear you’re doing so well after two, by the sound of it, very nasty ones!! I’m relatively lucky so far – never had one last more than a week, and then it only takes a couple of weeks to be fully functional again … hopefully this one will prove no exception. Strange thing is, when I’m in the middle of a flare it always seems like this one’s the one that isn’t going to end … so it’s great to hear some encouraging words! 🙂

  3. Oh drats! I’m sure the weather isn’t helping. Perhaps you need some nice catnip tea to chase away those pesky RA mice … Seriously, this too will pass. I hope that you won’t be in too much discomfort until then.

  4. Catnip tea – excellent idea! Although tiny cat 2 might fight me for it!

  5. “Not as nice as cheeeeese!” Ah yes, I remember! And that’s what it feels like too, but I imagine little rats gnawing. Probably one too many James Herbert novels…

  6. Glad to find another Bagpuss fan… And given a voice of dragons, rats or Charliemouse, I’ll go for Charlie every time… Although it feels more like a hyaena this morning! (Watching too many David Attenborough documentaries!)

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