Humble Pie

January 14, 2016 at 9:41 am | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | Leave a comment

Guess who called me just a half-hour or so after I called them? Yes, the helpline! I immediately apologised for my rather grumpy message and the nurse then said she hadn’t actually heard it – just been passed on a note to call me. Darn – could have saved myself an apology! <Grin> So I basically told her what I’d said, only less grumpily, and she said she’d pass the info onto the registrar who I saw last, eight weeks before, and if he wanted to up the methotrexate then she’d call me back, otherwise not. She was very pleasant and not at all as brusque as I’ve made that sound – and of course she wasn’t the dreaded voice of the answer-phone message, who’s a nurse I’m not fond of! Anyway, she didn’t phone back, and that was anticipated as since the increase in MTX was only 8 weeks ago it hasn’t officially had a chance to work yet.

I thought it was interesting that the nurse didn’t offer any nursing tips – but perhaps she figured with seven years or so of arthritic knee behind me I should jolly well know what to do by now – which, frankly, is quite true! And she also said that I should call back if I found things not improving or getting worse – which I now feel much more encouraged to do than I did before after my one and only contact with the helpline seven or eight years ago, when they took two or three days to get back and then told me to see my GP!


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