This too shall pass … but it hasn’t yet!

January 18, 2016 at 4:33 pm | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 6 Comments

I’m nearly there, nearly through this flare! It’s still just the knee (although it’s now the knees and legs because although I’m trying to walk well with my stick, it’s putting pressure on the other leg!) However, I finished my dose of prednisolone today so I had to call the doc and say, ‘Not there yet, what should we do?’ She’s given me a few days more of 40 mg and then tapering it down day by day to nothing. Hopefully that will do the trick. Otherwise it’s the dreaded knee injection – the one I swore I would NEVER, NEVER, EVER, EVER HAVE AGAIN! (I also swore rather embarrassingly at the poor doc when she gave it to me.)

In spite of all that swearing, if it doesn’t clear up with the general steroids, that’ll be the way to go because I need to get mobile again and I need to be able to work a full day! I didn’t work the end of last week and today I lasted about 3.5 hours, and that was pushing it. I had to push it as we’re quite busy and had tight deadlines to meet – and one of the JPs was off with a migraine last week and the other junior penguin left early today to pick up the keys to her new house. (Well, I could hardly keep her back from doing something THAT exciting, now could I? And it was only an hour before she was due to leave anyway.)

I’m also very tired – I did sleep well last night but had two terrible nights before that due to a combination of pain and hot flushes (not a misprint, my American friends: we say flushes, you say flashes). Also of course fatigue is part of the joy of RA. Ho hum …

I’m so looking forward to being mobile and awake again – I don’t think it’ll be too long now … so long as I’m sensible, pace myself and don’t try to do too much too quickly. (Easier said than done of course. Wish me luck!)

I’m also going onto injectable methotrexate, rather than oral, but more about that tomorrow.



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  1. In one year’s time, I had my first 2 flare ups after having r.a. for 13 yrs. It was cause from a emotional time in my life, but it started with one knee, and then went to the other knee. I had to use a walker and start to walk all over again, slowly but surely. Before this we were walking 3 miles a day, weather permitting. I was so determined to get back to it for my own physical therapy program and two months later I was walking the 3 miles once again….just once, but I had to prove I was still fighting strong and hard. So, keep fighting. I was on steroids for just 4 days and then put on Meloxicam, but I’ve been able to reduce my meds by 1/2 and sometimes I can miss a day once a week!! So hang in there, and push yourself on days you feel like sitting on the couch!! Even a little push every day when you dont feel like it works great. And I wish you well!! Diana, from the Ozarks!!

  2. Thanks Diana – very motivating. 🙂 I need to be back to walking at least my mil a day soon, but while it’s still mid flare the trick is not to myself too hard just yet, or experience tells me I’ll just make it worse.

  3. Polly: I’m so sorry that you’re not 100% better! I know how you feel. RA seems to interfere just when it’s the most inconvenient. One of my prayers has been, “God please give me patience (and please give it to me now!).” Hoping you don’t have to have the knee injected and that you finally get some relief soon.

  4. Thanks Carla – and great prayer! Lol!

  5. Injectable methotrexate made all the difference for me. It eased the severe pain and let me live more like my former life, altho I still suffering from fatigue. I’m always tired and always look tired and I just can’t figure out how to combat that.
    Good luck to you on the metho.

  6. Great to hear that the injectable MTX made such a difference for you – although sorry the fatigue is still so bad! It is very frustrating … And very hard to explain to people too; more so than the rest of it I find!

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