Another methotrexate injection

February 18, 2016 at 3:58 pm | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 6 Comments

Oops – well I’ve got myself a great big bruise this time, but not sure what I did wrong … other than probably rushing it and not sitting down and properly reading through the booklet to make sure that I’d absorbed everything thoroughly and knew exactly what to do.

It didn’t sting nearly as much this time, probably because I didn’t stand up right after doing it, but it bled a bit and bruised mightily. Perhaps I was just unlucky in where I put it, or maybe I didn’t press down hard enough before and/or after. Oh well … hopefully I’ll do better next week, and will read the book a bit more carefully too!



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  1. Hi Polly: I’ve had this happen occasionally with all the injections I’ve done (including daily Kineret jabs)! I find that when I initially choose the spot for the injection and it stings when I start the needle, that spot may bleed or bruise. If I scoot over the needle a bit to where it doesn’t hurt, I don’t have any problems. There must be a capillary and/or nerve at different spots under the skin. I always just swab down the entire area (thigh or tummy) so I’ve got plenty of spots I can choose until I find a comfortable one. Good luck! I do hope the MTX helps you.

  2. Hi Carla, it didn’t really hurt at all – just bled and bruised, and the trouble with the epi-pen type thing is that once you’ve pressed it, that’s that – you have to leave it there … or am I missing something? This is an area where you’re definitely the expert, not me! 🙂

  3. Polly: So sorry. Yes, it appears that the MTX pen is different than some of the other pen injector I’ve used (and that covers a lot of territory). Some of them have a needle that you insert, then press the button. Apparently this one is an all-in-one action. Hopefully you won’t have this issue often! (My MTX comes in a regular vial and syringe. I think I’d like the pen!)

  4. Hi Carla, yes this is an all in one … And I’m so glad it is! 🙂 next one tomorrow so need to read by wee booklet again!

  5. Hello did the shot for years. Let the cleansing swab dry first before the shot that may help with the stinging and the bruise is just luck I think. Hope it is help this is the 1st thing I read on ur blog

  6. Thanks Tina – I’ll make sure I do that!

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