Save our Local Pharmacies

February 26, 2016 at 5:41 pm | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 3 Comments

Local pharmacies, which have been hyped up over the past few years as the place to go for primary care (don’t bother your overworked doctor with coughs, colds, allergies, heart attacks, death – try your pharmacist first!), are now under threat from yet more government funding cuts.

The best write-up I can find is here at the Pharmaceutical Journal, back in December last year, but it’s only just impinged on my awareness because our wonderful, helpful, friendly local pharmacy has a petition going, which of course I’ve signed. I’ve also written to my MP and signed a parliamentary petition here, which is in desperate need of more signatures. This link also has links to a number of other information sources on this if you’d like to look into it further.

Of course you can only sign if you’re in the UK but I think I have a few UK readers and I hope you’ll support this with me!

We have very few amenities in our town and the surgery is in dire straits as always, but the pharmacy, which is a non-chain pharmacy owned and run by someone who worked for years in chains and saw everything they did wrong, is just wonderful. It would be really, really awful to see it go. We would be left (unless that closed too) with a fairly awful Boots chain pharmacy, and if that goes we’d have to travel out of town or put up with a central warehouse sending out prescriptions by post, with all the fun I can envisage that entailing – errors, refusing to send to work which would mean I’d have to wait home on work days for my scrip, etc. etc. Not to mention the fact that the surgery has made three errors to my prescription in the past year, one of which the pharmacy actually picked up and got back to them about! If I had to use a central warehouse, they no doubt wouldn’t pick up on errors and I’m sure it would take longer to sort out the issues when they do occur.




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  1. Penguin: Sorry I can’t sign your petitions. Pharmacies are such a critical part of the whole health care team. I’m sure you’ve got tons of UK folks who are now aware of the situation because of you and will do something about it!

  2. there are many people who get their prescriptions filled by mail around here (US). It’s pretty fast for the most part and much cheaper.

  3. Sadly I think most of my readers are in the US Carla, but even if a couple of uk folk read it and pass it on, could make a difference.

    Paul, I’m sure that’s true, but here we pay a flat prescription rate so there would either be no cost change or the cost would go up by adding postage. Also, right now if there’s something wrong with my scrip I can walk in and say ‘what’s going on?’ and get it sorted … Although the fault usually lies with the docs! And finally we are a very small town and the chemist provide multiple services that it prolly couldn’t afford to do without scrip provision, and also multiple much needed jobs!

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