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April 21, 2016 at 2:33 pm | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 4 Comments
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So I did gluten free for a month before we went on holiday to Barcelona – where we had a FABULOUS TIME and ate all sorts of wheat-related products! I can safely say, I think, that it made absolutely no difference to my arthritis, which carried on being mild to moderate and twinging and whinging in exactly the same joints as usual. However, I’ve always had a dodgy stomach for years, the worst thing being wind – and almost as soon as I’d gone gluten-free the windiness massively reduced – almost entirely stopped in fact. That’s a big thing for lifestyle, if not for RA!

So then we went to Spain – wow, warmth, sunshine, fabulous food … but I didn’t bother to attempt gluten free while I was there, while at the same time not going out of my way to eat gluten! We had a pastry of some sort with a fruit salad for most breakfasts, a roll with some dinners and sandwiches for some lunches – we also walked very nearly walked my feet off … even hubby was getting a bit tired! I’ll post some photos when I get them on to my PC, but so far no time this week! We had a wonderful time and saw all sorts of amazing things and … with one notable exception, possibly caused by too much really exceptional paella, my tummy was fine! However, this fits in fine with the possibility of a mild intolerance rather than an allergy – no reason for stomach to react instantly in a bad way.

When we got home I’d run out of gluten free cereal and we weren’t going shopping for a day or two so I had bran flakes again – BAM! Stomach back to square one! Hmm, interesting. No more bran flakes I guess! So I then decided to play this week as gluten free cereal but not to worry about the other food and see how it goes. So far … not fantastic. I might well be going back to (almost) gluten free quite soon!



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  1. So glad you had such a great time in Barcelona! Wish non-gluten had been more of a win for you. Can’t wait to catch up in person.

  2. Woohoo to meeting up at last! 😀

  3. I’m delighted that you had such a great vacay! Barcelona has long been on my wish list for wonderful parts of the world to visit. I’d love to see Gaudi’s work up close and personal someday.

    And glad that eating gluten during your visit didn’t cause you any discomfort! Hearing your story makes me wonder if a gluten sensitivity might be why my mom’s stomach is so persnickety all the time. Not that she’ll listen to me if I suggest she try skipping her morning toast and lunchtime sandwich on French bread…

    Glad you’re home safe and only a little windy from the dietary changes. Onward ho! And here’s hoping the RD symptoms flatten out and stay that way, too! Sending a big, hug,

    Wren 😀

  4. Oh Wren, I don’t know how i missed this comment and didn’t approve it ages ago! Can I blame technology please? 🙂 LOL – I know the feeling about mums! My mum said the other day that she knows she’s not celiac because she’s been tested and she isn’t going to try gluten free because she has a very high gluten diet and it would be too annoying … or words to that effect. Not that I’m going all preachy and suggesting it’s the cure for all ills – I’m really not – but it’s certainly helped me! 🙂 Must post some Barcelona photos – absolutely gorgeous place. Didn’t take that many photos and some of those didn’t work, but still have some nice ones.

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