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May 1, 2016 at 1:45 pm | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 12 Comments
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Sometimes I feel a wee bit isolated over this side of the pond – all my American blogging friends are meeting up for health blogging conferences and things and I’m stuck over here … but how cool is this?

Not only a card signed by all my ‘US mates’ who were at the latest conference … a really lovely thought of Carla’s (from Carla’s Corner), but also a wonderful picture of me, accompanied by some little friends doing one of my favorite things, yomping about the British countryside (in spite of a dodgy knee, presumably, given the stick) … and by our very own Leslie Vandever, better known in the RA community as Wren, whose art I just love!! I really will treasure this.

But this didn’t just arrive through the post … it was hand delivered by Carla, who came all the way from the States (via London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow as you do) to meet up with me in Norwich and present it to me … OK, so she didn’t exactly come all the way from the States to present it to me, but I’m mighty grateful that she came all the way from her London vacation base … and a day after returning from Edinburgh. We Brits thinks it’s a long way from London to Edinburgh but it’s apparently nothing to an American whose home state is five times the size of the UK … as Carla’s hubby (who reminds me a lot of mine!) pointed out.

They also treated me to a lovely lunch and thanked me for coming … huh? I’ve driven half an hour each way, and jumped on a bus from the park and ride … and taken a day off work* (woohoo) and they’d taken a day out of their vacation and a 5-hour round trip to buy me lunch and deliver this wonderful card and they’re thanking me?! So once again – THANK YOU CARLA AND JACK! And thank you Wren for the wonderful card, and thanks to all you RA bloggers at the conference for the singing of it! Hi to Cathy, Eduardo and Brit, whose blogs I already know, and the rest of you I look forward to ‘meeting’ on line in the near future … now I have your blog details to hand in the card!

It was such fun meeting up and none of those awkward silences that sometimes happen when you meet with people you don’t know well … I think we could have carried on talking for hours, but they had a train to catch and I was supposed to be going back to work.*

Thanks again guys -and maybe one day I’ll get out to the States and meet up with some more of you!

*It was supposed to be part of a day off but it kind of um … extended …



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  1. That is such a thoughtful gift! I think the RA community is awesome and gestures like this prove that. How lucky you were to meet Carla! So special.

  2. Wasn’t it wonderful? And so much fun? And yes we did come all the way from Dallas just to deliver the card. 😀 London Edinburgh and Glasgow were just to keep us busy until we could meet up. Thank you for meeting us and all you do for the RA community. (Hubby lied. Texas is only three times the size of the U.K. ) Hugs from this side of the pond.

  3. PS: The less said about the rum babahs the better. 😉

  4. It really was special! 🙂 Couldn’t agree more about the RA community! Hurrah for us! 🙂

  5. Mmmm … I was wondering how to tackle the rum baba in the blog post, and decided I’d done quite enough tackling rum babas on Friday! 🙂

  6. LOL!! Well that was MIGHTY generous of you!! As to Texas, I guess that still makes Edin-burrow, as you guys call it – just up the road. 🙂 Hugs to you on this side of the pond and I wish you both a speedy, smooth and uneventful journey home!

  7. I’m delighted you liked the card so much, Penguin my friend! Sweet Carla thought this up, and when she asked me if I’d like to create it for you, I jumped on it. You’ve mentioned several times over the years that you love “yomping” around the countryside. Since doing exactly that –in Great Britain– is something I’ve long dreamed of myself, drawing you strolling along with buddies in the hills seemed the right scene to evoke. And hey! It allowed me to be there with you vicariously What fun!

    Carla and I had fun passing the card around so that lots of your fellow RA-mates could sign it and send their wishes along. There were so many smiles!

    I hope that I can row across the pond one day soon so and we’ll be able to meet up in person. For now, though, be well, take care of yourself, and laugh lots. (((hug))) 🙂

  8. Looking forward to showing you some of my fave bits of local countryside one day then … But alas no hills round here! I think we’re in Wales or the Lake District in your picture! 🙂 card is currently up in the living room, making me smile every time I see it!

  9. […] both England and Scotland. I’ll post more about those adventures and meeting up with the great Pollyanna Penguin in a later […]

  10. […] Penguin. Polly, an RA advocate in the UK, has chronicled this meeting much better than I could do here. We took a train up to Norwich, a town close to her, and she met us for lunch and a walk through […]

  11. Hello back to you! I’m so glad you too got to meet in person. Carla is the best! Isn’t it surreal meeting friends you’ve known online in person?

  12. Hello again! 🙂 Yup, she is! I’ve met a few people in person who I’ve only known from emails and things, and Carla was the only one who was pretty much just as I expected … but of course reading a blog over a period of years is quite different to exchanging a few emails with someone!

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