Ankles, Knees, Brain and Healthline

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First of all thank you to Healthline for selecting my blog as one of the best arthritis blogs of 2016, and congrats to my online (and in Carla‘s case actually met in person) friends who also achieved one. Good to see so many old friends listed, as well as Carla, Wren,  Cathy, Andrew, Amanda, Kelly and ‘Warm Socks’ also feature, and there are other blogs on there that I’m not familiar with and should take the time to get to know!

Now on to the body parts! My last post, a couple of weeks ago, stated that my knee was messing around again. Well I suspect there’s a little bit more permanent damage done each time I have a flare, and that knee has a lot of flares, but now it’s not not bad at all. Most of the time I’m having no problem – so long as I don’t walk into the printer table and bruise  the precise spot that I flare in, as I did last week!

Then last weekend my ankle suddenly went ‘weird’. I can’t think of a better way to describe it. It hurt in the night and when i got up in the morning it was really painful. There was a big swelling but not really over the ankle, rather at the front of the leg above the foot, but absolutely no heat. I used my Physicool ice bandage anyway and that helped. It stayed painful and difficult to walk on for two or three days and then it was magically better. I really don’t know what that was about or if it was RA or not – I just hope it doesn’t come back.

As to the brain, such as it is, it has been subjected to a lot of migraines lately, and although I have tablets that, if I take them in time, get rid of the head pain, I’m still left feeling unwell. Work is insanely busy at the moment, which is contributing to stress which in turn is probably contributing to migraines – a bit of a vicious circle as if I have to take time off for migraines then work gets even more hectic!

However, yesterday, for the first time in a couple of weeks, I actually felt well, normal and full of energy – hence finally getting round to post! I’m not QUITE so full of energy today but not bad. I think getting outside in the sunshine made a big difference! We went for a nice long walk along the seafront at Cromer on Friday evening and then yesterday morning I did some gardening and washed my car with hubby (for which read watched and occasionally waved a shammy over the car while hubby did the hard work) – thank you dear!

I’m just hoping this energy boost will last me through the next hectic week – because next Saturday I’m going to need to work or I’ll never fit everything in!



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  1. Polly: I have been meaning to drop you a line congratulating you on the very well-deserved honor by Healthline. I think you may be the first non-US RA blogger so recognized! I am sorry that the RA and migraines are not only NOT cooperating but seem to be conspiring against you. Hopefully this is all a temporary revolution and will cease and desist! Hugs from across the pond.

  2. Congrats on the Healthline award, Penguin! You absolutely deserve it!
    I’m sorry you’re having trouble with your ankle, but glad your knee has decided to behave for awhile. That ankle sounds just like an RD flare to me. I hope it never returns!
    Your cheerful attitude about it all, including the migraines, makes me smile. And it inspires me, too. Here’s to sunny weather and lovely walks along the waterfront, flowers from the garden, and cozy evenings!
    Sending warm hugs all the way from the north end of California! 😀

  3. Thanks Carla – I have been so honored for the last few years – although I think I missed out last year for the very good reason that I virtually didn’t blog! 🙂 It’s very kind of them. I don’t think there ARE very many RA bloggers outside the US. We used to have Helen in Canada (Pens and Needles) but I think she’s no longer blogging. Can’t find her.

    Hugs to you – I hope you’re on the mend!

  4. Thanks Wren! You think the ankle sounds like RA? It was the total lack of heat that made me think not. My knee gets really hot or even when it’s not has a visible network of capillaries around the flare area – this had nothing. Then again when my hands and feet hurt they’re not always hot. Hmmm … well, as you say, let’s hope I don’t need to worry ’cause it doesn’t come back. 🙂 Warm hugs back to you in California!

  5. Hello,

    Congratulations for an award. I have seen all the blogs list on Healthline. You have won this award because of your hard work.


  6. Aaaw, thanks Ray. 🙂

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