RA Blog Week Day 4: The Pain of Pain Meds

Um … I have no horror stories to share because of the new laws; we can still get opiates when we need them in the UK … for the moment, and I’m lucky in that most of the time, in between flares, paracetamol (Tylenol) does the job for me pretty well. During flares I intersperse that with ibuprofen and that’s as good as it gets – still painful, but that combined with hot water bottles, cold compresses etc. and my Physicool bandage, usually keeps me going until the steroids kick in. Of course, getting steroids is a whole nuther story...

My sincere commiserations to my US buddies, and indeed everyone suffering under the new laws there on pain meds!

So, since I can’t use the other wildcard and write about depression as I don’t suffer from that either, that’s me blogged for the day! I shall look forward to spending my blogging time reading some other blogs, so that I have something to say tomorrow on the topic of Great Blogs I have Read this Week! It’ll mostly be great blogs I’ve read on Thursday because work’s just a tad hectic right now, with one employee on maternity leave and one about to take holiday (and I only have two!) Now if I could just teach Tiny Cat 2 to type …

2 thoughts on “RA Blog Week Day 4: The Pain of Pain Meds

  1. Hi Pollyanna,

    A short, sweet and to the point post.

    I’m glad that you have your good “old reliables” to get you through the pain drain.

    As for work and your cat, well, good luck with that! I’m been considering Dragon Dictation for the PC. I’m not impressed with Siri. It makes me wonder at times, if I do speak English!

    1. Hi Marianna,

      I can’t even get TC2 to stay on my lap for more than 20 mins max, so she’s not even a laptop, never mind a typist! 🙂

      I tried Dragon a few years ago – it takes a while to train it to your voice (or it did then) but after that it’s not too bad. You still need to go back in and correct quite a lot, but that’s less stress on the hands than typing the whole thing! I also tried out Trint.com recently – a dictation and editing suite … with hilarious results. I won’t be using that again!

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