Woohoo for Pilates… and other news!

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I have just realised I haven’t posted on this blog THIS YEAR! Shocking neglect! Part of the reason is that I haven’t been having much in the way of RA problems – things haven’t been perfect but I’ve felt generally much better since Christmas than I have for quite a while … until a couple of weeks ago, when I started to get morning stiffness (I’ve had NONE most of the year) and some pain.

Now various things could have been the (or part of the) root cause of this. We were on holiday three weeks ago (lovely time!) and that meant I had much more caffeine and much more gluten than I normally would – but I’ve been relatively good since I got back and it was only a week away. Then holiday also upset the routine and therefore the sleep, and sleeping badly always adds to the aches and pains.

However, one big thing is that I have been having weekly Pilates sessions since November (I think, maybe October, maybe early December!) and felt a lot better after the first few of those … and due to my holiday and then Easter I’ve had three weeks without a Pilates session. I suspect this has FAR more to do with the increase in pain than anything else, although of course I can’t prove it.

Anyway, I had my first session for three weeks yesterday and felt MUCH better after it … although I still had a lot of morning stiffness and pain today. Hopefully after another session or two I’ll be back on track.

In the meantime, a really excellent new NRAS magazine arrived last week – one of the many interesting articles hinted at a link between fibromyalgia and sleep (although that wasn’t what the article was actually about), and that is something I’ve been thinking for quite a while so it’s interesting to see the medics sniffing round the same idea.

Another interesting article discusses (briefly) a study carried out in San Francisco on why some people don’t respond well to anti-TNFs. Patients who have a higher proportion of an inflammatory protein called type 1 interferon beta, compared to type one interferon alpha, respond less well. Also monocytes (a type of white blood cell) behaved differently in different people. This could lead further down the interesting path of being able to personalise treatment more by understanding a patient’s personal biology, but also perhaps (my suggestion not the article’s) indicates another thing that’s been being suggested for a long time by a lot of people … that RA is not just one disease but many lumped together under the same label.

There are also various grim reminders that being overweight can cause further problems for people with RA so I need to get back on track with the diet, which has gone to pot a bit since the holiday! I did manage to mostly avoid chocolate at Easter … but then went and entered a raffle on Easter Monday with a table full of all sorts of prizes and got a call the other day to say I’d won … a chocolate bunny! Oops. Oh well, I thought, perhaps it’ll just be a little one. I picked it up today. It is labelled ‘Giant Chocolate Bunny’.  Perhaps I’ll do the sensible thing and give it away …  🙂



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  1. Me! Me! Give the Giant Chocolate Bunny to me! 😀
    As a long term pilates devotee I’m really glad to hear that it’s doing you some good; I know it’s helped with my back problems. I just need to remember to do it more than once a week during the session…

  2. Lol! You think it’ll last till July?? 😃 I need Pilates ‘homework’ too but without Amanda there to say ‘Good work! Now this time do it without raising your shoulders into your ears’, I’d probably get it all wrong!

  3. You go girl! Congrats on the great Pilates streak. I’m at a conference missing my walks! Remember that chocolate is good for you. 😃

  4. Nice to hear from you Polly! Amazing how missing a little bit of movement cs. Have such an impact on pain. I believe your correlation is true. But of course I’m also glad you’ve had some fun times of late!!!! All work and no play is no fun.

    Good luck with the weight loss. It’s been my struggle forever, altho lately I’m winning the battle and I have to believe it’s due to a change in biologics. Which proves my theory that some people gain weight on certain biologics.

  5. Hi Carla, hope you’re having a ball at the conference even if you’re not having walks! 😃 Good point re chocolate…but I think that’s dark choc in moderation… This is neither!

  6. Hi ‘Chick’, very glad to hear you’re winning that battle…it’s been my battle for ever too! I mostly blame hormones but chocolate bunnies may also play a part! 😃

  7. Polly, I discovered this company which makes a machine to predict if one of three biologic medications (Remicaide, Actemra, or Orencia) might work for a person. I have been fascinated about it ever since. I am hopeful someday we will know this about all of them.


    Select English to read the terrific infographic.
    (I mean unless you can read Japanese then feel free to chose either or both. )

  8. Thanks Rick …excellent infographic! Should have probably selected the Spanish version to practice my Spanish!

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