‘More than my RA’ – a UK body-image intervention study looking for participants

May 5, 2017 at 1:04 pm | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 1 Comment

Interestingly, just after my good friend Carla’s post about a written intervention study, I saw an invitation to a different written intervention study on Facebook. The details (not on Facebook) can be found here. It sounds like a rather gentler version than the ‘write about trauma’ study that ‘Galloping Grandma’ posted about that is reposted in Carla’s blog  … or at least I hope it is, because I’ve signed up!

This one is about improving your own body image and it’s open to any women over 18 with RA who are based in the UK. It’s some short written exercises (anonymous so that the researchers don’t know who’s written what) and some questionnaires so not a great deal of time required. The exercises are designed to help improve your body image apparently … I try not to think about my body image, which is probably an indication that it needs improving!

Obviously I won’t be posting my thoughts about it … at least until after it’s completely over, for fear of biasing someone else, but I really hope there’s someone out there who’s eligible and will take part – anything aiming to help people with RA I’m happy to have a go … well, OK, not anything … no custard pies in the face, no running marathons … but a few minutes out of a few days … yeah, I’m happy to give it a try!

If you are interested, or have any questions, please contact us Jessica.Alleva@uwe.ac.uk.


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  1. Terrific post and study Polly. I hope they have plenty of participants.

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