Knee’s better!

August 3, 2017 at 8:42 am | Posted in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) | 4 Comments

Hurrah! I have to say though, I was deeply unimpressed with the opioids! The knee flare got better of its own accord, so yay that it didn’t need steroids, but boo that I probably had two more days of pain than I would have done if I’d been given a pred taper! The opiods were to be taken three times in 24 hours – fat lot of use that is if you wake up in pain in the night, which I ALWAYS do if I’m having a flare. I had to save one dose to be taken at bedtime and then couldn’t take the next one till morning. As they tended to provide good pain relief for about three hours, this was … less than perfect!!

As to receptionists triaging, I suppose I’ve been lucky that it’s taken this long to reach our surgery. This is an article about it from 2013 saying 1 in 8 practices were doing this very thing.

I’m on the phone now waiting to see if I can get through the triage system for something non-RA-related and minor. In spite of being both those things, it might require antibiotics … but I bet I can only see a nurse who can’t prescribe … and that’s if I’m lucky. We’ll see … I am number eight in the call queue.



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  1. My husband and I were discussing our current health care system (or lack thereof) compared to the NHS and I shared with him some of your experiences. I am so glad your knee is better but I cringe at what you go through to get a health care provider’s attention. See you soon!

  2. Having said which, today’s little trip to the docs was smooth as butter! The receptionist gave me a same day appointment so I didn’t need to wait for a phone call from a doc first; I only waited 10 mins after my appointment time; and I saw a helpful chap who gave me antibiotics…which are currently wreaking havoc with my tum but hopefully are also clearing the infection! If appointments all went like that I’d be a very happy penguin!

  3. I am glad your knee is better. I think knees are the most painful when they misbehave. I hate it when my joints, bones, muscles misbehave. Lately, i am nursing a bum achilles tendon and a sore elbow.

    I am contemplating the universal cure. Universal cure you ask? Yes, the hammer is my universal (if imperfect) cure. I tell my doctors when things get really difficult I am ready to get the hammer and beat that body part into submission. After all, that will get it fixed for certain. 🙂

  4. Sorry about the Achilles’ tendon, I tore mine once falling off a horse in slow motion…long story. It was incredibly painful so I do sympathise! As to the hammer, good idea but I think you might also need some flexible glue for after the hammer treatment!

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